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engine swaps

02-13-2002, 09:58 AM
I am looking to do an engine swap with a 1994 toyota tercel. I was thinking on using the 4e-gte starlet jdm import engine. Does anyone know anything about this?

Big Juice
08-11-2002, 04:00 PM
Well, I'm NOT A MECHANIC or anything, but from what I've heard this is a pretty painless conversion. I actually own an EP 82... a Jap spec starlet (I live in jamaica) BTW, the engine type is 4E-FTE not GTE. Try getting a complete engine (and turbo if U don't plan on upgrading) complete engine, wire harness, and ECU if applicable get some rear disks that will fit, cause ya gotta stop if you can go! The 4E block should be an easy fit in your engine bay.
Or at least the ones that come to mind for me would be:
1. Driver conversion (If this applies to You) for a right to a left hand drive... remember this is a JDM so the steering, and thus the wiring is meant to be on the right.
2. The intercooler is top mounted on the starlet (a big mistake in my opinion). So either modding your bonnet or getting some custom pipes done to front mount it will be in order.
3. BTW, a boost guage and air/fuel guage are a must for this conversion. You will need to keep monitoring the boost level and air/fuel mixture while driving.
From there the conversion itself should be a breeze:sun:
OK, now that we have that cleared there may be a few other issues U may wanna consider. The EP 82/91 starlets in their stock form only produce 133hp (@ flywheel) if that's enough for you, considering that the tercel's bod is in fact heavier than the Starlet... power to weight kills. With the Starlet body, it means you should be putting down approx 100BHP depening on you octane gas (it sux here highest pump gas is 90).
If this is too weak for you, you can consider the following further mods.
1. The easiest and cheapest thing you can do is to turn up the boost on the stock turbo. If you R on all the stock parts, U should be able to up the boost to approx 11psi B4 hitting fuel cut. Ofcourse since this is highly subjective you will have to work for your self you cars actual cut point and set the boost below it depending on your own needs.
2. If you wanna turn it up smore, that would require an FCD addition or a new ECU. Please ensure that if you do increase boost beyond this point the factory injectors/fuel pump may not be sufficient to deliver gas to the now very hungry parts. So consider getting either higher flowing injectors or a fuel pressure regulator(or both) to ensure adequate fuel delivery
3. Upgrade the turbo. I chose a T3 with a very small trim to ensure the car still spools at reasonably low RPM. Other options would be a TD04 but the parts for these tend to be more expensive than the T3. If you consider this mod uprating fuel becomes even more important.
4. Dump the factory Intercooler. Especially if you change the turbo, the tiny, restrictive intercooler will barely be able to cool the system. Also consider this for higher boost lvls than stock! For this I chose the Calsonic top mounted intercooler from a Nissan GTiR Pulsar (another JDM). I have a friend who also used the one from a Mitsu Galant VR-4 (yet another JDM). And ofcourse there are a million aftermarket I/Cs to choose from. Just get one that has reasonable surface area and good flow.
5. Some people have used the 5E block (from the Toyo Paseo) to up the displacement. I myself have stayed away from this mod as quite a few of the persons I have known do this have have had a few probs with it. Somehow if not done right it can cause detonation.
Anyway, this should make your Tercel one fun ride, and quite the sleeper:)

10-29-2003, 08:12 PM
Hi there,

Currently, I'm driving a Toyota Corolla AE101 but running on a 4E-FTE Starlet engine. Thinking about using a 5E block to go with my 4E head as to increase my displacement. Do you have any ideas what problems I may face?

Btw, I will be installing a Garret T25/28 turbo and going for front mount intercooler, hopfully a VR4 (JDM) type. Also will be changing to a bigger actuator.

Things that I have done so far, just skimmed my head lesser by 2mm, 10 pcs head-start were changed to reinforce material and torque of 70 between the head & block. Cranks & pistons are stock 4E parts.

Can I check with u, what's e current infectors (cc) running on this stock 4E engine? I have already change to a S13 fuel pump but I have this pinking problem. :(

From what I have l listed, can I boost at Low 1.2 Bar & High @ 1.4?


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