I Need Some Seroius Help

09-23-2004, 11:01 AM
I need help 1988 GMC JIMMY S15 2.8v6
I've been having problems with my car stalling on me and I've done the following things so far to fix the problem and nothing has worked
1. replace idle air control valve
2. Tune up new wires rotors and distrubtor
3. cleaned engine

thats what I've tried so far I got the actron code scanner and I need some advice I ran the test and these are the error message along with the descrbition of what is causing it

error 13
oxygen sensor or signals stays low lean during warm engine or crusie or sensor circuit is open or left sensor circuit is open (dual sensor models)

error 22
throttle postion sensor signal voltage is low during engine idle. Fuel cut off relay circuit open or shorted to ground

error 33
Mass Air Flow (MAF)
sensor signal voltage or frequency is high during engine idle.
Manifold Absolute pressure sensor signal voltage is high during engine idle

error 34
Mass Air Flow sensor signal voltage or frequency is low during engine cruise.
MAP Mainfold absolute pressure sensor signal voltage is low during ignition on.
Pressure sensor circuit signal voltage to high or low

error 44
Lean Exhaust indication oxygen os2 sensor voltage stays low after one or two minutes of engine run (LEFT SENSOR ON DUAL SENSORS ENGINES)

error 54
Low fuel pump voltage
fuel pump relay
egr solenoid no 2 failure
Quad driver module output failure
mix control solenoid circuit voltage to high

I need some advice on what I need to replace these are the error codes that I got I'm not sure if one of those things are bad and could be causing all those other problems but if anybody has any suggestions please let me know thank you in advance

09-23-2004, 03:37 PM
Did you change the air filter? A dirty one will do funky stuff. Make sure all vacuum hoses are connected and in good shape. Unplug your battery for 10-15 minutes to erase the codes then see what new codes appear if any.

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