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09-16-2004, 01:24 PM
Ok, I bought this nice 94 J30 with 72k on it in sweet azz condition. Cream leather, pearl white paint. I love the car. I was driving a manual trans maxima, and the adjustment to luxo cruiser wasn;t easy, but I'm getting it. I do like the LSD RWD..smokey burnouts :)

Anyway, I need more power. Not that it's a slouch, but off-the-line accel could use a little help, and the gas milage is a little rough. I'm getting about 20 mpg hwy.

So far it seems mods are limited, but here's what I cam up with.
-less restrictive intake. This will be custom, but I'll be glad to sell you all one when it is done.
-Underdrive pulley. This will come right from one made for a Z32.
-electric fan conversion. An old hotrod favorite. I can't believe it has a manual fan! Anyway, should free up a few ponies and rev a little easier.
-cat removal...umm, unofficially, IF you put straight pipe between the flanges, no cat to restrict things...always works on ANY vehicle. Make it removable for when you get busted and have to put the cat back in.
-Exhaust system. Does ANYONE make and aftermarket cat-back for this thing? Custom otherwise.
-Cams a la NA Z32. JWT can help here.
-WTF is the resistor mod? I'll try anything that cheap and easy (especially if she's got big jugs), so like, it fools the ECU by altering the air temp signal right? Anyone try it?
-Z car ECU. Which one (NA I presume)? And what will it do for me?
-Z car MAF. Ditto from above?
-Struts and springs. I see someone has used 89-94 maxima coils up front and 96-99 maxima H&R setup out back. What were the challenges here. Anyone know an easier route? I contacted for reply. I read somewhere Koni offers dampers for J30. Looking into it. At the least the J30T has stiffer springs (and dampers?). I'm researching. Any help would be great.
-Sway bars. Who makes 'em? Custom jobbers?
-FOrced induction. Big bucks here, but if it can be done in a Z32, it will work in a J30. not too custom. Stock manifold, turbo, injectors, fuel pump and IC and your on the way. A supercharger probably isn't out of the question either.
-Manual trans swap..again, if it bolts up to the engine plate of a Z32, it will bolt up to the J30 engine (same f'ing thing), so this would be pretty trick, provided it clears the cowl.
-Auto trans upgrades. I am looking to see if the Z car trans is the same as the J30. If it is, there are valve bodies, torque conoverters, etc for our rides.

Did I miss anything? Please contact me or respond to this thread. I want to get the J30 pulling hard on unsuspecting beemers benzes and sh1t.


09-23-2004, 10:34 PM
wow someone did some research! awesome. well the resister mod isn't worth it... it actually worked for me for a while, but then just started sucking up gas... and not giving me power. i took it out...

hey though if you can find anything else for it (stock it's still nothing to laugh at) definately let me know..

i get 24 mpg in mine though... i don't know how you're getting 20...

though can't we put a turbo in this? isn't this the same engine that's in the 300z?

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