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6spd r32?

09-15-2004, 07:32 PM
If i have to get my transmission rebuilt... is there a way to do a 6spd? its an r32gtr.... Is there any way to get a 6 speed to mate or are there too many problems?

09-23-2004, 10:24 AM
The 6 speed tranny uses a different clutch style. I am sure that it is possible, but It isnt a simple bolt in.

09-23-2004, 11:39 AM
The 6 speed tranny uses a different clutch style. I am sure that it is possible, but It isnt a simple bolt in.


Yes you can do a 6speed conversion. Trust make a Kit and so does HKS. They however are NOT cheap, and hardly worth it unless you are intending to make your car a full on race car not a street car.

Another option is an OS Giken Gear set. The A set is basically the same as the factory ratio's while the B set has a 100km first Gear with slightly closer other gears and the C set is a full on racing ratio set.

09-23-2004, 11:50 AM
what I meant is that the r34 with the 6spd usses a puller clutch while the 32 and 33 use a pusher clutch (in reference to clutch release style). I may be mistaken, but thats what I heard.

Of coarse you can do an aftermarket transmission, but those in some cases are up to $25k and arent the best for street driving.

Have you ever driven a car with a race transmission on the streets. It isnt very fun. I had a Jefco in my mustang, and it sucked. It was soo noisy that you could not hear the radio, and it only shifted well under full acceleration. There were no synchros so it was very, very notchy.

I have installed race transmissions in many cars, and talked with many manufacturers about them, and it is very rare for one to offer the civility of the stock transmission.

I am sorry that i misunderstood the question, and thought that fallenprnce was asking about a R34 transmission.

That was my mistake, sorry

09-24-2004, 05:04 AM
No worries.

The 89-92 R32 GTR uses the push style clutches while the 93,94 and R33 use the pull type.

fallenprnce has an R32 and depending on if it still has the original trans and the year is correct will have the corresponding clutch type in it.

10-03-2004, 04:25 AM
As long as the tranny is a pull type and you use the pull type clutch you are fine. Give me a call. I talked to mitarashi pertaining to this and he has a better suggestion. Anyways, I have cool shit to tell you....

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