Two questions on my 99

09-15-2004, 03:39 PM
1 If my heater core is under warrenty and it leakes will they replace it or will they just add stop leak? I've had my system flushed 5 times last winter for the antifreeze problem.

2 The under dash insilator on the passenger side with the power sockets on it. The SLT model has 2 power sockets on it. Well my dealer broke mine trying to fix a vaccum leak under my dash and when they replaced it I only got one power socket now and they said there is no 2 socket replacement part. Is there any parts desk people that can check on that for me and give me the proper part number. I have the dark interior the part looks to be black or dark grey.

I feel my dealer is screwing me royal because I have so many problems with this truck that it looks like I'm nitpicking but come on 2 batterys 1 alt 1 muffler 2 sets of door hindges 2 climate control units 5 cooling system flushes in one year 1 MAP sensor. Not to mention the problems they can't seem to fix like the outside air vents opening up under accelleration in the winter and blasting you in the face with cold air. Sorry I went off a little there but if you trap the water that runs off this Jimmy in a rain storm you can open your own lemonade stand.

09-18-2004, 09:21 PM
I'd say your dealer is taking you for a ride, or is incompetent. Or both.

Best go to another/send a letter to GM/consult a lawyer. may help for parts as might a major motor factor.

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