4.3L Dual exhaust on a 89 JIMMY S15?

09-14-2004, 04:33 PM
Is it possible to throw on a dual exhaust that works with a 4.3L 89 JIMMY s15 ???? and how do i increase the horsepower with what i got and Is it possible for a cracked alternater to repair itself the crack is gone i even took it apart to make sure it wasnt just pushed together to make it look like it and it happened over a months period and it wasnt a piece of hair cuz i had my machanic look at it

11-15-2004, 05:22 AM
i am sure its possible to put a dual exhaust on it. take it to a muffler shop and they'll custom bend the pipes. you can increase the hp by putting bolt on parts on it, intake, exhaust, headers, run good oil, good gas. as as far as the alternator , i have no idea

11-16-2004, 01:21 AM
dual exhaust = waste of money on a 4.3L

REplace the stock muffler with a after market single in / dual out and run dual tailpipes.

Other than that, install an intake replace all your lubricants with synthetic and you should be good to go.

BTW, no need for headers. 4.3L stock headers flow very well.

11-17-2004, 01:34 AM
you can do it, but you lose too much back pressure on a true dual exhaust, so it really isnt convenient on a 4.3. I got flowmasters with the dual outlet pipes, and they sound pretty good. I didnt notice any change in the performance, but they sound nice. try a FIPK kit from K&N and i dont know what is meant by "good gas", but the 4.3 is made to run off 87 octane, and it runs worse on higher octane gas. If you want to increase the power by a whole lot, and you got the money, Powerdyne makes a supercharger for the 4.3 that could add some horses to it. I don't think its really possible for an alternator to just repair itself. try that flourescent dye junk people use to look for cracked heads, and it should show up.

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