97 Izuzu Blues

09-12-2004, 03:05 AM
I originally Posted a reply to a gentleman who had what seemed like a common problem. I later learned that the symptoms, while simular might not possibly apply. He had a 99' rodeo and I was talking about problems with a 97'. The long and short of it.....This machine started running rough, ran codes and found #5 cyl. missfire and EGR problem. I un- wittingly installed Bosch platinums. Of course I learned that was a mistake. I cleaned out the EGR tube and got rid of that code but then it came up with a secondary emmisions code (cant remember which one) Cant even think straight..."Im watching Stevie Ray Vaughn at Montrose in 85' on cable and its blowing my mind". After solving the plug problem and bringing the idle up a tad " ( I had screwed with the Idle position sensor earllier and had to doctor it up.) I shot carb cleaner down the tube and didnt detect any manifold leaks. Then, something I found unusual....playing with the leads to the coils, I pulled off #5 while running without a signifigant difference. Keep in mind, this, before replacing the plugs the second time. Then, pulling off # 6 lead, It seemed to smooth up a little. I realized this could simply be the rough idle setting up a rocking motion (which it did) that any change could seem better. None the less, after the new plugs were in, everything smoothed out quite nicely.....except.....still that little shake that usually is the result of a cylinder not quite firing off right. I noticed the tell tale sound "and sucking" at the tail pipe which reminded me of a lazy valve or timing.
With this in mind....What was/is my original problem.....

Any idea's gentleman..........( I am going to replace #5 coil Tommorrow.)

Thanks PB

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