Somethin cool for Honda freaks in Norcal

09-06-2004, 02:23 AM
Hey all,

This should be a good time for everyone, and the racing organization has a good base of Honda drivers, but this could really be brought on strong here in the Bay Area. I hope NASA doesn't mind me plugging the event for em. The Honda Challenge series sounds pretty cool. I havent gone to a Honda Challenge race yet, but last December i attended a 25hr. endurance race put on by the NASAproracing organization. This was a really cool experience, and there were a few good Honda's in the race, a SPOON racing accord was there w/ much attention, and a few other teams w/ recent generation civic's, and a current gen. Civic Si, my newest street car as well, unfortunately this car (ESSES Racing Team if I remember correctly) didn't fair terribly well in the race, there were a few problems w/ tail lights, and i believe some off track excursions, in there defense there were some very macho Porsches cleaning up the track and moving any vehicles who didn't get out of there way quick enough for their liking. Anyhow next wknds. event on Sept. 11, and 12th as you will see if you click the link above is pretty action packed w/ alot of good races scheduled, as well as HPDE (high performance driving experience) this is a killer opportunity for anyone needin a taste of the race track. A small chunk of money ($149 for one day, 249 for 2 days), a helmet, and a good leak free car w/ a few basic requirements nothing special just things in good working order basically, gets you some seat time on Infineon raceway w/ a race instructor. Hopin to see some fellowHonda enthusiasts make it to the event.

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