All Mn Drivers Read This

08-26-2004, 11:37 PM
Never ever ever ever put heat into your gas tank in the middle of winter in Minnesota, its foolish and youd be wasting money like crazy.
Heat is isopropal Alcahol, it sucks the water out of your gas right? Well yeah it does but in Minnesota you have one little detail.

Minnesota Gasoline IS at least 10% Ethanol. Ethanol is Alchaol so if you fill just 10 gallons of gasoline into your tank your getting one gallon of Alchaol, and people buy 4$ bottles of Alcahol at 16oz sizes (128 in a gallon). Thats like paying an extra 12$ for 10 gallons of gas... :screwy:

Just a heads up from your pal Aces

More to come :smokin:

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