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Swift/Forsa GL 1987 SF410 with F10A engine

08-24-2004, 10:58 PM
my name kris, i live in Jakarta, Indonesia
my car is Suzuki Swift (in Indonesia Forsa), the engine is F10A (4 cylinders, 1000cc). this engine is the same with SJ410 (Jimny, Katana), or LJ80 (Jimny), or SK410 (Carry), or Station Wagon R (here, the name is Karimun).........

now, i rebuild my car.......but i didn't have service manual for this car, yes i got service manual for SJ410 from, but i need more information about electrical diagram, transmission and body work for my car. Could anybody here help me about this ?? where can i get that books ? how much ?

or maybe somebody know the equivalent car for each part that i need ? then i'll collect each books of them........


** sorry my english is not good enough.......

i would like to send some pictures here about my car, but i don't know how
if i finish with my project, i'll make a story about this and send it here.......

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