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Serpentine belt tensioner - tough repair job!

08-23-2004, 08:03 PM
I had to replace a belt tensioner on a 1997 Lesabre today. 3.8 liter with A/C. The pullet bolt had stripped which rendered the tensioner useless. I should have taken it to the dealer - and wouldn't recommend a Saturday mechanic like me to do it. I learned the hard way. Messy job involving $180 + in parts and a messy coolant spill. You gotta remove the front right tire and disconnect the motor mount just to remove the old belt. Gotta drain as much coolant as possible to remove the tensioner assembly. Some spills out anyway. A Haynes manual and Chilton manual have no info for this repair.. $18 waste of money.
Thought I'd pass on this info for the next guy attempting a home repair, spend the $400 at the dealer instead.
Good luck.
Highland Lake

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