Looking for Amigo to photograph in PA

08-23-2004, 10:40 AM
I need to photograph one Amigo in my studio in eastern PA and I'm looking for the vehicle. The picture is for the Cover, jewel case, and CD for an automotive repair product that covers Isuzu vehicles. I've chosen the Amigo for the cover.
What I need:
An Amigo in any color except black. Lighter colors preferred. Second generation soft top preferred. This vehicle MUST APPEAR stock. No lifts, no brush bars, no aftermarket wheels. Accessories are o.k. if I can remove them. Doesn't have to be perfect! I can repair some stuff in PhotoShop. I can't fix large areas of faded paint or rust though.
What you get:
The product with your vehicle on the cover, and a digital file of the shot that I used.
I need to get this shot ASAP. Feel free to email with questions if you think your car is a candidate. Do not send pictures of your car yet. I'm located outside Allentown and the shot will take approx. 2 hours, not including any washing that needs to be done.
Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Racing Rice
05-19-2005, 09:51 AM
If you wanted to drive to South-Western Ohio I have an all Stock, Red, '99, Softtop, V6, 4x4 that you are more then welcome to take pictures of.

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