02-05-2002, 08:41 PM
The 4200GT is replacing the 3200GT this summer. Gone is the 3.2l turbocharged engine and in comes a 4.2l V8 with 20 extra bhp, taking the total up to 390. 0-60 is dispatched in 4.8s and top speed is approx 177mph. the 3200GT was far from perfect, but the 4200GT will aim to fix some of the old shortcomings. one thing is for sure, as value for money goes this car is right up there. at £60k it is the price of a 911 but offers near 911 Turbo pace. Although rarer than a 911, the 3200GT did not touch it when it came to handling. we know its gonna be fast, so lets hope the 4200GT can handle.
as for the minor styling tweaks, having read the posts in the 3200GT thread, i think im the only one who prefers the taillights on the 3200GT than those to be seen on the 4200GT and those seen on the 3200GT Spyder. I think they were a beautiful design, very brave, whereas the new ones are much more reserved, very Jaguar-style, which isnt what Maserati is about..
tried to attach a pic, but couldnt attach it onto the message, which is strange... for those who havent seen it here's the 3200GT Spyder (couldnt find any online pics of the 42000GT so since the Spyder has the same lights i thought id post these)
http://sg.sas.lycosasia.com/gallery.htm (other nice cars on there too)
btw i think they make a mistake.. theres no such thing as the 4200GT Spyder, thats the 3200GT Spyder

ok, so the old lights wouldnt fit the Spyder well but i think they look awesome on the Coupé... matter of opinion i suppose


02-07-2003, 12:09 PM
Sounds badass! *opening and closing hands* "I want, I want!"

02-08-2003, 08:24 AM
you're not the only one :D

03-17-2003, 09:42 AM
Originally posted by crayzayjay
you're not the only one :D

heelloo .. I am new here .. do you know the member here who own the Maserati 4200 Cambiocorsa? .. :D

04-12-2004, 11:26 AM
link doesnt work
im really anxious bout seeing how it looks

04-12-2004, 12:18 PM
link doesnt work
im really anxious bout seeing how it looks
The 4200's been out for a while now. You'll find plenty of pics on Google Image Search

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