'71 Buick GS Convertible Stolen

08-19-2004, 09:09 PM
I am posting this for a member of V8Buick.com. This is just not right!!!

Alert! Stolen 1971 GS Convertible!


On August 5, 2004 while I was away on vacation, someone arrived at my home in Monroe, Township, NJ, around 3 am and pushed my SUV out of the way to gain access to my 26 box trailer which was loaded with my tools and worst of all my 1971 GS 455 convertible, which is all steel fully streetable, red with a white top and white interior. She runs in the high tens. I was all loaded up for Salem next week.

These scumbags hooked up the trailer and dragged it across my front yard and made off with everything! I am offering a $3,000 cash reward for the return of them and there may be a nice cash bonus if you can lead me to WHO was behind this.

* 1971 Gran Sport, VIN# 444671H193467, NJ plate # GTH66R
Red with white top and white interior - perfect condition

* 2002 Hallmark Edge Two 26 enclosed trailer, VIN # 16HGB26202P026418
White with a large crease on passenger side rear above wheel to rear tail.
NJ plate # T31T7K

Please do not hesitate to call me on information, day or night at : 1-732-841-2121

Thank You,
Willie Wager
Monroe Township, NJ


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