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Here's how to beat Motorex's Monopoly
08-18-2004, 12:15 AM
Here's how to beat Motorex at its game -Skyline luv (Post #1)
It's so easy - all the modifications that have to be done are listed at this web site http://
They are right there in the approval of JB Motors's petition to import Skylines.
To get permission you would have to
1.Be an RI- satisfy all these structural modifications and prove them by submitting engineering tests.
The company which did the tests to JB motors was MGA Research Corporation
Obviously this would not be that cheap- As a business venture though you would have to make the modifications get them certified via the testing at MGA research and submit the results and structural drawings to DOT etc.
2. Remember to moving of the VIN plate; the tire spec stickers and other simple mods as specified in the details of doc
http:// or remember the docket # nhtsa-99-5507 or 5507 for short.
The issue is figuring out the structural modifications and creating the testing based empirical evidence at MGA to satisfy DOT. Get that done and you can get a Skyline into the USA. Make sure you get those approved by DOT

08-18-2004, 03:43 AM
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