dyno in Rice Lake WI

08-17-2004, 10:01 PM
I am looking into opening a dyno shop in Rice Lake WI. I will be using a dynojet, prices would be $60.00 for a single run, with no tuning. $100.00 an hour for you tuning yourself, and $125.00 an hour you us to tune it for you. I know its alot of money to spend but most places I a checked are $75 per run and $125-$150 an hour for tuning.

Do you think these prices are fair?

Also if you would please write were you are from and if you would drive to Rice Lake from were you live to use this dyno or not.

I am putting together a portfolio to present to the bank. so I want to show them who my customers are and how many I can expect in the next year and so on.

Also tell me what vehicles you would dyno. rear wheel, front wheel, and All wheel drives. cars and trucks.


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