Pics from the pits - ISMA Hy-Miler Nationals

Layla's Keeper
08-15-2004, 02:28 PM
This had to be the single coolest race I've attended all year. And this ought to give you an idea of the diversity of the field at the Hy-Miler Nationals. I took pictures of every participating car, so here goes.
Brad Lichty from Innerkip, Ontario Canada.
Chris Perley, "The Rowley Rocket" from Rowley, Massachusetts. Current ISMA points leader.
Dave McKnight, Brampton, Ontario Canada.
Dave "The Shoe" Shullick. Amherst, Ohio. Five time Hy-Miler Nationals winner, over 100 lifetime feature wins at Sandusky Speedway alone. Came out of retirement this year to sub for his son's teammate A.J Davis, whose USAC Midget ride put him in a conflicting schedule.
Denny Fisher. Elyria, Ohio. Feature winner in Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) competition.
Dave "Shoe II" Shullick Jr. Amherst, Ohio. Two time MSA champion.
Doug Saunier. Navarre, Ohio. Second to The Shoe in Sandusky feature wins, has never won Hy-Miler and considers that the biggest thorn in his side as he's won the Friday night preliminary feature to Hy-Miler four times.
Eric Shirey. Oberlin, Ohio.
Jack "The Hippie" Smith. Sandusky, Ohio.
Jennifer Chesbro. Oswego, New York. Only woman on the ISMA tour.
"Double O" Joe Gosek. Oswego, New York. Two Time Hy-Miler winner. This year racing Kovacs Racing's (Tim Jedrzejek's team) back up car
Joe "The Racing Lawyer" Grunda. Stone Mountain, Georgia.
Johnny Payne. Hawthorne, New Jersey.
Jon Henes. LaGrange, Ohio.
Justin Belfiore. Ipswich, Massachusetts. Brand new chassis this year. Gorgeous too, all the bodywork hand hammered out of aluminum.
Kyle Carpenter. Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Larry Lehnert. New London, Ohio. 3rd generation driver.
"Liquid" Lou Cicconi. Aston, Pennsylvania.
Mark Sammut. London, Ontario. One of the few Canadians who runs both ISMA and MSA races.
Mike Lichty. Innerkip, Ontario Canada. Front runner for ISMA Rookie of the Year.
Mike Ordway. Fremont, New Hampshire. This year's Winner of both the Friday night prelim and the Hy-Miler Nationals. Currently second in the ISMA points standings, and that car is one of the most advanced on the tour with pushrod coil over independent front and rear suspension. Kind of like a front engine big block powered Indy car.
Nokie Fonoro. Reeders, Pennsylvania. Finished second to Ordway, having put up one hell of a fight that almost took both of them into the backstretch wall.
Pat Abold. Pennelville, New York. 1992 Hy-Miler Nationals winner.
Randy Burch. Middleburg, Ohio. Standout MSA competitor. Led for the opening laps, but was quickly overwhelmed by the ISMA cars.
Randy Ritskes. Oswego, New York.
Rick Wentworth. Haverhill, Massachusetts. Teammate to Chris Perley.
Russ Wood. Pelham, New Hampshire. Five time Hy-Miler Nationals winner. All time winningest ISMA driver. Multiple Championship winner. Current Sandusky Speedway track record holder.
Sean Sauer. Wellington, Ohio.
Tim Jedrzejek AKA "Timmy J". Independence, Ohio. Two-time MSA champion, current MSA points leader. Finished 3rd at Hy-Miler.
Vern Romanski. Strong, Maine.

There you have it. The complete field at the 2004 Hy-Miler Nationals. Pretty neat to see all the different supermods. Check out to see if there's an ISMA race coming to you and be sure to see the Offset Outlaws in action.

-The Stig-
08-16-2004, 12:51 AM
w00t... looks like fun.

Should make for interesting racing... Hey did you know they have the blankets on the motors and tires to hold in as much heat as possible?

Pretty kewl eh?

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