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Nor Cal LTZ
08-12-2004, 02:35 PM
I am looking to lift my 02 Trailblazer. I have found some very helpful people on another forum. I would like to hear any pros/cons on what I am attempting to do. I plan on installing some aftermarket springs from Japan that will give me 2" on front and 1.5" on rear. In addition to that I plan on upsizing the tires. This is only accomplished by either installing 1.5" wheel spacers all the way around, or by getting custom wheels with a different from stock offset, this due to the upper control arm being in close proximity to stock tires. I have seen photos of a couple of Trailblazers that have this done. It really makes the truck look more aggressive and gives it much needed ground clearance for the off road stuff. Any comments? Any recommendations on a different approach?

08-12-2004, 10:49 PM
I haven't seen any lifted TB's. Have any links for the web sites?

My only concern about just adding 2" worth of springs to the front would be the loss of suspension drop with the IFS. Plus the drive shafts would be put on a bit more bind. Fullsize trucks don't have much problem with the front shafts because they are longer (and they still don't do more than 2" without serious mods), I'd be a little wary on the TB especially since the front differential is bolted directly to the oil pan.

I am personally more interested in a 1" spacer for the front coils just to even out the stance. I think this would be the most I would want to lift my own truck without major surgery to front suspension geometry.

As far as the wheel spacers go, I have seen too many wheel bearings ruined with them. I would definitely go with wider rims with a different offset. Besides, the aggressive new look of wheels and lift would look better than a lift with stock wheels.

Nor Cal LTZ
08-13-2004, 08:49 AM

Above are two links to photo galleries. I have been in contact with the owner of the TB from the upper link. It is an awesome looking black TB with many mods. The look is completely differtent from stock. You don't see anything like this on the road, one more reason to go for it! He has not experienced any troubles with his at all. His tires are 32.9", I think I would opt for 31" or 32" as they will not require me to trim any of the inner fender well plastic like he had to do. Check out the photos and logs and let me know what you think.

08-30-2004, 04:44 PM
Those TB's look really good. Anyone know where to get the springs and the $$$, please email me.

Nor Cal LTZ
08-31-2004, 09:56 AM
I am getting numerous requests for info on where to get the goods to lift the Trailblazer. I have decided to post some links that should help in this process. Be advised that I have not yet completed this lift myself and this is info I have gathered from other people that have lifted the TB successfully. Here are the links:


(Wheel Spacers)

For an inexpesive alternative to the up coils, here are some coil spacers:

(Coil Spacers)

For in depth forum posts on the process, please see:

Good Luck!

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