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'91 Celica GT, general info and specific.

08-07-2004, 05:41 PM
Hi. My name is StarChaser, and I am a Toytoa n00b. My last car was an '85 Nissan 200sx (It talked), and it tossed the timing belt and ate its valves. Putting a 1500$ engine into a car that basically doubled in value when you filled the gas tank seemed like a bad idea. My mechanic sells cars as well, and showed me several, including the red GT I now own.

I love this car.

If I'd been looking on my own, I'd never have even looked at it, as it seemed very small from the outside, and I'm a big boy. The seats are definately designed for the Japanese ass, which I'll never have, and if the seat went back one inch less, I couldn't drive it.

It's got a number of pretty small problems; it drives perfectly, but things like the cruise control don't work, one of the air vents in the middle of the console has loose flaps, the rear wiper doesn't work, etc. None of which is a dealbreaker; I still love this car.

Poking around in the forums before I posted, it looks it has the 2.2L 5s-FE engine. (I found the forum while trying to figure out which of the multitude of engines mentioned in the Haynes manual I had...) No turbo. It runs great.

What I'm looking for here, is help in identifying and fixing the minor problems.

There's sun damage on the steering wheel, the grey vinyl is kind of eaten away for about four inches along the top, and the driver's armrest has some small cracks in it. Anyone have experience with fixing this sort of thing?

The rear wiper doesn't work at all. The washer will dribble water down the back, but no action from the wiper. No noise or anything. I thought it might have been a blown fuse, but I couldn't find any for it. And the Haynes thing doesn't seem to mention the rear wiper except in passing.

The cruise control doesn't work at all. It worked for about two days when I got it, I used it to drive home, then on the way home from work one night, it came on, worked for about five minutes, then the 'cruise' light blinked several times (I didn't count, unfortunately, if that makes a difference) and the cruise went off, and it hasn't worked since. The light comes on when I push the button, but nothing else happens.

The air bag light is on. I didn't notice this until a couple of days later, as the girl who owned it before me had put a piece of electrical tape over the spot on the dash, and I finally saw it when leaning over to get something out of the glovebox one night.

The auto rolldown for the driver's window is ganz kaput. The window works normally, no problem at all, but doesn't do the auto thing.

How do I remove the vents in the dash so I can snap the vanes back in place?

And the biggie, the one that really needs to be fixed; the front struts are gone. Big clunking noises from the right-front end. My mechanic said it needed to be fixed, but wasn't dangerous. The car tracks perfectly straight and no steering problems at all. How hard is this for someone who is reasonably well mechanically inclined to fix in the driveway? How likely is it to fnork the alignment badly enough to require it to be towed to be fixed?


01-09-2010, 02:20 PM
need to remove the rear seat to access strut mount for reolacement of rear struts. how deas the bottom of the rear seast release? can't find release trip, handle or holddown release. on't know location of release at base4 of rear seat bottom section...any suggestions?

01-09-2010, 03:28 PM
Wow, this was a long time ago. :iceslolan

To tilt the seat forward, there's a little knob on the top outside of each. You shouldn't need to remove the seat; the top of the struts are under the fake speaker at the top of the seat. The actual speakers are in the grills low down behind the door. I removed the top ones when replacing the speaker, and was looking right at the top of the strut.

Hope this helps. Is for a 91 Celica GT, yours may be different.

01-09-2010, 06:31 PM
my celica is the base model. there are no speakers in the rear. the service manual I have shows a leaver but does not indicate its location at the base of the bottom rear seat?? I can find nothing there? Thinking mayve it has been broken off. The car being a 1991, now 19yrs old the plastic parts are cracking anf breaking apart. Just would like to know the location the leaver/release is supposed to be located, maybe I can find the latch minus the plastic handle.

01-09-2010, 09:52 PM
I dunno, then. Sorry. Toyota has their tech manuals downloadable from their website, although it was five years ago that I did it so I don't remember where. For like 10$ you can download all you can for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the reason I don't remember where is that the computer that had all that stuff on it died...

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