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305 crossfire injection engine questions.

tacoma man.
08-05-2004, 05:20 PM
hey what up? my 14 yr old brother josh has been looking for that special car. he is a big knight rider fan. and we found a 82 trans am thats in pretty good shape, no rust no bondo.....anyway we snagged it for $365. and it runs but needs rebuilt. the transmission seems to shift just fine, car runs smooth but smokes a little while driving it runs strong. now is the cross fire system a pain in the ass or is it just as reliable as the rest of the other systems? plus he wants to turn this car into a knight rider replica car. were can we find the nose dash and all that cool stuff at?

08-05-2004, 05:29 PM
Crossfire injection was an abortion at best. Ive never heard anything good about it.

As for the knight rider kit, go and search for knight rider in the forums at
Theres a couple guys there that have done it.

tacoma man.
08-05-2004, 05:36 PM
i found the scanner on ebay, and the nose. but no dash.

tacoma man.
08-05-2004, 05:38 PM
her is another question. i have the 350 lt1, the 6 speed tranny, complete dash and console out of my wrecked 95 trans am, if i gut the 82, install all of the 95 trans ams wiring will the dash from the 95 fit in the 82 model?

08-05-2004, 07:33 PM
Yea it will but you were supposed to sell me that t56 you bastard!

tacoma man.
08-05-2004, 10:22 PM
well i did find out that the dash and consol will work in the 82 ta. do you think that the car should be painted before i drop in the motor? and also under coat the bottom?

08-05-2004, 10:29 PM
I wouldnt worry about the paint unless you plan on changing the color and need to do the engine bay.
The 4th gen dash fits but doesnt meet up with the windshield pillars very nicely but alot of guys have done it. The electricals a little messy thoiugh because they changed the way things work, like the fuel tank level runs on a different voltage setting and litle stuff like that.

08-05-2004, 10:30 PM
might as well since you'll have the engine out of it

08-05-2004, 10:34 PM
whats with the herpe's ads at the bottem of the forums?? lol.. thats some funny shit..

hmm.. you know, for a cartoon chic.. shes pretty hot

tacoma man.
08-05-2004, 10:45 PM
always a sucker for a red head.

tacoma man.
08-06-2004, 04:50 PM
well we decided today that we will just rebuild the
305 crossfire and repaint the car. its going to be too much work to do the swap. i beleive that the engine just needs the heads redone. i changed the oil, and while i had it up on ramps i saw why that the car was parked, for one there is a hole in the top of the radiator, and the car also needs new tierod's they are ready to fall off the car. and it needs a steering box. we took it down the road and back and it ran just fine. still smokes a little. but it was all over the road. the exhaust system is in good condition givin the age of the car, its factory and has that nice quiet v8 rumble. but we got all of the bolts out of the transmission and motor brakets
so we can pull out the motor.

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