93 LeSabre losing power

08-04-2004, 10:18 PM
I have a 1993 Buick LeSabre that I just picked up last week. I am purchasing this car from my boss. She seems to have cared for it a great deal. Interior is good as well as the exterior. Everything under the hood looks good too. The car had been sitting in her driveway, she had not started this car up or driven it in 6 months since purchasing a new Cadillac. Problem is this. I pick up the car last Wednesday. Drove it straight home one block away. Did not drive it again until the next day. Went to get the registration, inspection, tires, shocks, and insurance done (total 998.67). While driving to get the registration the car dies out when I went to brake. Started back up immediately so thought it was a fluke. Did it once again. Thinking it was old gas I went and filled with high octane. Seemed to fix the problem, drove the rest of the day without problem. Took it out of town over the weekend, drove 400 miles without a problem. When getting back into town it had the same problem with dying out. Still thinking it was getting more of the old gas out so I filled with high octane again. Drove home no problem.
Problem becomes more obvious on Monday. Coming home from taking my daughter to buy school clothes, car starts losing power and will not accelerate. Could not get car to go over 10 mph no matter how much I pushed on the gas. Letting go of the gas seemed to give it a slight pick up but again when I tried to just give it enough gas to maintain speed it would bog down. It died out twice on the return trip but would immediately start up again no problem and would even pick up a little after it started up again. Took 30+ minutes to travel 8 miles home.
Thinking it was a problem with the fuel, I started simple. I replaced the fuel filter yesterday morning. After changing out the fuel filter, I started up the car and got water coming out of the muffler. I don't understand that as I know that I did not take the car through any water. Did not drive the car anymore yesterday.
This morning I took the car to the gym (10 miles round trip) no problems. 2 hours later, I get in car to go to the post office and 10 minutes into the trip it starts up again. It does not die out this time but on the highway it would not pick up speed even when I floored it. On the city street I could not get it to accelerate beyond 10 mph.
I do not believe this is an engine problem as it starts up and idles absolutely like new. I also do not believe it is a transmission problem as it shifts right where it is suppose to. It does behave alot like my son's 93 Jeep Wrangler does when it is out of gas (the Jeep has faulty fuel gauge). I talked to local autopart store and they suggested changing the fuel injectors. At $110+ each injector, I am praying there is a less costly solution.
My concern is this, I have already put out nearly a grand to get this car just to wear I could drive it to work. I am transfering to a brand new gym location 70 miles away to take a management position. I haven't even started paying for this car as I am suppose to pay a portion of my paycheck each week back to my boss. I hate the idea of having to hand her back the keys and telling her that I cannot afford to keep it but I don't think I can afford to invest another $1000 in repairs. I do love the car. It is comfortable and I would like to keep it but I cannot afford to be left stranded on the side of a country road in the dark because the car isn't sound. I cannot afford to drive the Jeep out there either as it is a gas guzzler with oversized tires and all kinds of performance details not to mention it is my 16 year old son's and he needs it since he is starting college in a few weeks.
Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please help ASAP! I have to start work in a week and I am getting worried!

08-05-2004, 06:13 AM
You said the car sat for 6 months? That's enough time for a healthy amount of moisture to enter that gas tank, get some dry-gas, or a few bottles of rubbing alcohol, and dump it into your tank, repeat as necessary. Also, the during braking thing is because the water sloshes by the pickup under braking, not allowing fuel to enter the fuel lines. Eliminate the water, eliminate the problem.

08-06-2004, 12:16 AM
I dropped the fuel tank today and replaced the fuel strainer and pump. I then added the alcohol along with filling it with the highest octane gas again. It immediately regained the power, pick up and everything seemed great. Drove home from gas station 10 miles away no problem.
Later hopped in car to go wash it and darn thing died on the way to car wash!
Had buddy come jump start me and drove it home...dumbie me pulled into the driveway and stopped car later realizing that I had to pull it out in order to get out the jeep. Went to pull out of driveway, car started up no problem but died out before I could pull out onto the street. Again had to jump start it and went to check out the alternator. I am only getting 7 amps off the alternator so I am assuming that the faulty alternator is what caused all the problem in the first place. I know from talking to my boss that she had to replace the battery just before she put it into storage but she assumed it was the battery and never checked out the alternator. I just put a brand new battery in it last week when I picked up the car.
I will be changing out the alternator first thing in the morning and am praying that is the solution to all of this. Keep your fingers crossed because at this point if this is not the fix I need, I will be returning the car with my apologies.

08-06-2004, 06:14 AM
Your fuel system did have problems, an I'm glad those are fixed. Alternator isn't a difficult repair, but the car shouldn't need any more fixing for a while now.

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