Yugo here,Yugo there, Yugo Everywhere

07-29-2004, 06:26 PM
:smokin:Hello My Fellow Aurora Drivers;

:smile:Thought I give us all a break and a laugh from our fun experiences and deficit spending on our American Breast the Aurora.:sunglasse

:disappoinAfter spending $ 1800 for that famous speed sensor and TCM on the transmission took my car for a shake down in California’s Central Valley in 100 degree plus heat.:screwy:

:eek7:Off Highway 33 near Los Banos in an irrigation, ditch like a great ship sinking by the bow and its stern high in the air was a Red Yugo.:lol:
:eek7:Going down for the last time to Davey Jones Locker either that or washing out in Fresno.:cwm27:

What a fitting end for a car with out a country.:lol:
When I posted the story on this forum under Yugo. They came back saying Yugo Today, Yugo Tomorrow, Yugo Forever. Right in their dreams

:iceslolanI hope that our Olds may never end up in an Irrigation ditch unless its one of those shady insurance frauds:nono:. However, we can count on parts from GMC, good sellers on Ebay and help from each other on this forum to keep us “driving along in my Oldsmobile".:loser:

From Califoirnia, land of third world road conditions, gas at $ 2.25 per gallon and our Governator herr "Arnold" :2cents:

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