Installing rear speakers ?

07-29-2004, 04:47 PM
I just purchased a 99 9-5 and want to install
rear speakers behind the back seats. The grills
are already there. Can someone tell me if this is easy
to do? Are the wires right there to hook them up or
will they have to be run from the front.. and will the
stock stereo handle 6 speakers ?

Hopefully someone can tell me thier experience doing
this before I start removing parts...


07-30-2004, 01:16 PM
What stereo do you have? 1,2 or 3? They are also known as popular, premium and prestige. Premium and prestige has the same base unit, popular does not take tapes while the other two takes CD:s and tapes.

Popular handles 4 speakers, premium 7 and prestige 9.

07-30-2004, 03:17 PM
They are also known as popular, premium and prestige. .

Thank you for responding to my posts.

I think I have the premium model because I have a CD and tape. Also has a weatherband. Don't know how to tell exactly which it is.

There is what looks like a small speaker in the middle of my dash, so
if you add up all the speaker grills that would give me a total of 7. The two in back are empty.... hence my question.

Also - abit off subject - since posting my question I have uncovered a "noise" starting up when I let off the clutch in 1st gear going uphill on an incline. Kind of a high pitched screeching/scraping noise. Does this mean my clutch is on its last legs? If I press on the gas more (alot more) when I'm letting out the clutch it does'nt make the sound.

Sound like a new clutch soon? or could it be something else.


08-03-2004, 10:34 AM
There place for speakers in the dash, one right, one left and one in the middle. There is also place in the front and rear doors. This adds up to seven speakers which all should be used by the premium model. For the prestige there are two more which are placed on the parcel shelf or in the case of a combi in the luggage compartment, in the later case, if no speakers are mounted, there will be storage compartments there instead.

To access the speakers you must remove the speaker grill or door trim. Then the speakers are screwed and connected with a connector. The speaker grills are not screwed except for the ones on the parcel shelf, there the screw can be found behind the rear seats, access them by lowering the rear seats.

There are three types of ampfliers for 9-5, one for premium and two for prestige. There are two models for prestige, one for 4 door cars and one for the 5 door combi, they both look the same and can be used in all 9-5 models but using the wrong model will cause too much/little bass.
The ampflier is placed under the dash on the passenger side and can be accessed by removing the door sill on the passenger side and the lower cover panel under the dash, and then fold the carpet to one side.

4616850 - 2 speakers, dash, premium (Pioneer) and popular (Clarion) ($30)

4616967 - 2 speakers, dash, prestige (Harman Kardon)

4617049 - center speaker, dash, premium ($30)

4619086 - center speaker, dash, prestige

4616926 - 2 speakers, front door, premium ($70)

4616983 - 2 speakers, front door, prestige ($110)

4714861 - mounting frame for speaker, front door, premium ($10)

4714853 - mounting frame for speaker, front door, prestige ($10)

4714846 - sealing for front door speaker, premium ($6)

4714879 - sealing for front door speaker, prestige ($10)

4616884 - 2 speakers, rear door, popular (Clarion), EU models ($30)

4616934 - 2 speakers, rear door, premium ($50)

4617007 - 2 speakers, rear door, prestige ($160)

4714903 - mounting frame for rear door speaker, premium ($10)

4714911 - mounting frame for rear door speaker, prestige ($10)

4617023 - 2 speakers, parcel holder, prestige ($130)

The main unit is the same for prestige and premium, there are however different units for different markets. In any case the premium/prestige cost about $1000 and the popular $580.

4617163 - ampflier, premium ($380)

4617171 - ampflier, prestige, 4D ($700)

4713699 - ampflier, prestige, 5D ($700)

All prices listed are based on a swedish price list recalculated into us dollars, all prices are without sales tax.

Regarding the clutch the clutch itself can make noises, but it can also be the throwout bearing or the gearbox dependning on the sound. If it is the throwout bearing it usually makes noises when you push the clutch pedal. The gearbox usually makes noises when you don't press the clutch, can usually be noted when there is no gear in and the engine is running. If it's time to replace the clutch you can usually test by park the car with the hand brake in, push the clutch, go to first gear with the engine on idle. When you let off the clutch the engine should stall. Another way to check the clutch is when you drive on a high gear, press the clutch and give full throttle when you let off the clutch, the rpm should drop back to normal direct, if the engine can use higher engine speeds that it should the clutch have started to become bad.

08-04-2004, 01:24 PM
Wow. Thank you very much for all the info.

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