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Genuine Porsche 993/911 Black Leather Recaro Seats For Sale (for your HIN car?)

07-29-2004, 03:25 PM
excellent condition.. no cracking or rips, etc. Driver seat is full power while passanger seat is partial power (need to hook up 12V power to make 'em work is all)

These have only 26k miles of seat time in the driver seat out of a 96 993 (same seats found in 95 through 98 porsche 911 993s including Twin Turbo models)

PLEASE NOTE that seat belt recepticals will NOT be included as they have been reinstalled in the car that has race seats now to allow for both stock seat belts or race harnesses.

Price is $1800 INCLUDING shipping with Greyhound (you pick up at local terminal) within the continental USA (discount for local chicago pickup of course!)

NON Smoker.. Local viewing can be arranged.. and you will NOT be disappointed.

BTW: I have heard others have simply bolted these down into their cars with 4 bolts and hooked up the 12V of power... I do not know what all is involved but I did not modify them in any way so they are the stock sliders on them right now. I had to purchase new Recaro brackets and sliders for my Pole Position cloth seats that I now have installed.

07-29-2008, 09:43 PM

can you please contact me about your 993 seats, my phone number is (916)599-9416. im very interested in them if you still have them.

thank you very much


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