Night 7--- information-- watch out...

07-23-2004, 05:46 PM

07-23-2004, 06:31 PM
Good job--I wonder how you find these things.


07-23-2004, 06:43 PM
I have Skyline police..... I get calls , emails , IM's.....

I know where most peoples cars are before they do..... I might be able to tell you what place you finished in at the show , before you know.

07-23-2004, 07:13 PM
Here is an update on that situation....I guess, even after you threatened to send the GOV after them, this is probably the scariest it's been for ol' Cameron, if he is even aware of it.......
In this link it says his wife, mom, and dad are all potiential accomplices, and that he has possibly grifted about $200,000......
No wonder the Skyline community is so skeptical nowadays.
I am very sad to see that this was common place business 6 months or a year ago.
Everyone should be happy that they have you, Mr. Morris, to kinda keep a watch out, and (I think IMHO)to have businessmen such as myself starting up in the industry. This kind of stuff will hopefully never happen again.

Michael Bernard

07-23-2004, 07:48 PM
Just another Example of an importer gone bad..... :mad:

07-23-2004, 08:00 PM
AN AIM converstation I had with Cameron April 21,2004.... It might be a little graphic for some people.... this is part of it....

NightXCZ77 (9:33:22 PM): wow
NightXCZ77 (9:33:22 PM): quite amazing
tyndago (9:33:26 PM): whats up bitch
tyndago (9:33:35 PM): fucking scam artist
NightXCZ77 (9:33:38 PM): I really only have one question for you
tyndago (9:33:43 PM): ok
NightXCZ77 (9:34:16 PM): since you claim you are not affiliated with RB Motoring or MotoRex...that you have no invested interests in Skylines due to money or sales...what do you get out of going online and making yourself into a dick?
tyndago (9:34:34 PM): a goodness in my heart
tyndago (9:34:43 PM): what does anyone have to gain
tyndago (9:34:49 PM): by helping out people ?
NightXCZ77 (9:34:51 PM): that's what I am asking
tyndago (9:34:59 PM): I like Skylines
tyndago (9:35:04 PM): and bullshit artists
tyndago (9:35:06 PM): piss me off
NightXCZ77 (9:35:07 PM): it's not helping...if you wanted to help, you would tell people how they can get Skylines or any other vehicle into the country
tyndago (9:35:13 PM): I do fucking help
tyndago (9:35:21 PM): I tell them how to do it legally
tyndago (9:35:24 PM): you are just too dense
tyndago (9:35:27 PM): to realize it
NightXCZ77 (9:35:33 PM): So why have oyu not posted a single thread about "here's how to do it without paying motorex $50k"
tyndago (9:35:41 PM): there is no way
tyndago (9:35:45 PM): I wish there was
NightXCZ77 (9:35:57 PM): well, then I guess you should re-read every page the EPA, DOT, and NHTSA have to offer
tyndago (9:36:03 PM): I have read them
tyndago (9:36:05 PM): and read themn
NightXCZ77 (9:36:13 PM): and overlooked items if you think MRex is the only way
tyndago (9:36:17 PM): when you were still playing with barbies
NightXCZ77 (9:36:23 PM): I'm not looking to get into a pissing fest with you
tyndago (9:36:27 PM): well
tyndago (9:36:28 PM): fuck
tyndago (9:36:30 PM): its too late
NightXCZ77 (9:36:30 PM): I'm looking to talk
tyndago (9:36:44 PM):
tyndago (9:36:47 PM): I will talk
tyndago (9:36:52 PM): but you have to LISTEN
tyndago (9:36:55 PM): and comprehend
tyndago (9:36:57 PM): what I am saying
tyndago (9:37:08 PM): I do this legally
NightXCZ77 (9:37:09 PM): I hear everything you have to say
tyndago (9:37:12 PM): and doing it illegally
tyndago (9:37:15 PM): well
tyndago (9:37:18 PM): just pisses on me
NightXCZ77 (9:37:19 PM): how do you think I figured out how to import cars?
tyndago (9:37:20 PM): personally
tyndago (9:37:31 PM): A vehicle without this certification label must be imported as a nonconforming vehicle. In this case, the importer must contract with a Registered Importer (RI) and post a DOT bond for one and a half times the vehicle’s dutiable value. This bond is in addition to the normal Customs entry bond. Copies of the DOT bond and the contract with an RI must be attached to the HS-7 form.
tyndago (9:37:36 PM): ok
NightXCZ77 (9:37:42 PM): if it wasn't for you personally, I would be breaking many laws...
tyndago (9:37:47 PM): your cars have certification label
NightXCZ77 (9:37:48 PM): so, I thank you for that
tyndago (9:37:56 PM): your cars have a cert label ?
NightXCZ77 (9:37:57 PM): I am not an RI...those regulations do not apply
tyndago (9:38:08 PM): you are a manufactuer
tyndago (9:38:10 PM): sure
NightXCZ77 (9:38:14 PM): There are reasons I don't wish to deal with becoming a RI
NightXCZ77 (9:38:20 PM): and most is all of the political BS that goes with it
tyndago (9:38:28 PM): you dont manufactuer the cars
tyndago (9:38:38 PM): you bring them in as parts
tyndago (9:38:43 PM): and then "put them"
tyndago (9:38:46 PM): together
tyndago (9:38:55 PM): still violating the clean air act
NightXCZ77 (9:39:15 PM): I don't put anything together
tyndago (9:39:31 PM): Fully-assembled kit cars are "motor vehicles" under the Clean Air Act. Complete kit car packages are also "motor vehicles" under the Clean Air Act. These are packages which contain all of the major components needed for assembly (i.e., body, chassis, engine and transmission). As "motor vehicles" they are subject to all applicable emission regulations. If an assembled kit car or complete kit car package is offered for importation and the kit is not covered by an EPA certificate of conformity issued to an original equipment manufacturer, an EPA Form No. 3520-1 must be filed at the port of entry and the vehicle must be imported by an Independent Commercial Importer (ICI) eligible to import such vehicles or kits. The ICI then must ensure that the vehicle or kit complies with all applicable emission requirements.
tyndago (9:39:46 PM): Man I have been around and around with you on this
NightXCZ77 (9:39:50 PM): Manufacture
To create, produce, or turn out in a mechanical manner:
tyndago (9:40:02 PM): thats the dictionary term
NightXCZ77 (9:40:06 PM): yep
tyndago (9:40:07 PM): dense boy
tyndago (9:40:10 PM): you are dense
NightXCZ77 (9:40:18 PM): no, i just copy and paste as you do
tyndago (9:40:31 PM): yeah
tyndago (9:40:33 PM): one thing
tyndago (9:40:36 PM): on auto forums
tyndago (9:40:41 PM): was from australia
tyndago (9:40:44 PM): just realized that
tyndago (9:40:50 PM): I only copy and past
tyndago (9:40:52 PM): paste
tyndago (9:40:58 PM): cause then I change nothing
tyndago (9:41:08 PM): otherwise I can put it out in my own terms
tyndago (9:41:09 PM): but
tyndago (9:41:15 PM): its not "offical" then
tyndago (9:41:28 PM): right now
tyndago (9:41:32 PM): same time as I am talking to you
NightXCZ77 (9:41:33 PM): according to the US NHTSA and DOT, the word "Manufacturer" stands for the following:
tyndago (9:41:36 PM): I am helping someone
tyndago (9:41:43 PM): import a truck from japan
NightXCZ77 (9:42:08 PM): any person engaged int he manufacturing or assembling of motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment, including any person importing motor vehicles or items of motor vehicle equipment for resale
tyndago (9:42:30 PM): The production, sale and importation of automotive bodies alone (i.e., no chassis, engine or transmission) are not regulated by EPA since such units are not considered "motor vehicles" under the Clean Air Act. EPA form 3520-1 is not required for imported automotive bodies. A motor vehicle from which the engine has been removed is still a motor vehicle and is not considered a body.
tyndago (9:42:43 PM): so you import some stuff
NightXCZ77 (9:42:45 PM): you don't have to sit here and copy and paste
tyndago (9:42:48 PM): thats not auto parts
NightXCZ77 (9:42:51 PM): I know those pages
tyndago (9:42:51 PM): ?
tyndago (9:42:53 PM): yeah
tyndago (9:42:54 PM): ok
tyndago (9:42:58 PM): so you import parts
tyndago (9:43:05 PM): and bodies
NightXCZ77 (9:43:07 PM): I import engines and half-cuts from japan
tyndago (9:43:14 PM): yeah
tyndago (9:43:16 PM): cut and shut
NightXCZ77 (9:43:18 PM): yes, I also import body shells from Japan as well
tyndago (9:43:20 PM): like that other shit
tyndago (9:43:24 PM): yeah yeah
NightXCZ77 (9:43:36 PM): I'm sure Bernard has told you what I do
NightXCZ77 (9:43:49 PM): cause he, himself, was interested in doing so
tyndago (9:43:53 PM): However if the parts constitute a disassembled vehicle or an approximate disassembled vehicle, the combination is considered a motor vehicle under the Clean Air Act. Any attempt to use this policy to circumvent the Clean Air Act or the Imports regulations will be considered a violation of the Clean Air Act and will be strictly enforced.
tyndago (9:44:00 PM): I talked to Bernard
tyndago (9:44:05 PM): I told him its not lega
tyndago (9:44:07 PM): legal
tyndago (9:44:15 PM): you import shells
tyndago (9:44:18 PM): you import engines
NightXCZ77 (9:44:22 PM): I also do not import chassis with associated parts to make them into full vehicles
tyndago (9:44:31 PM): see
tyndago (9:44:39 PM): you are trying to get into small loopholes
tyndago (9:44:42 PM): that dont exist
tyndago (9:44:51 PM): trying to claim some small loophole
NightXCZ77 (9:44:52 PM): importing a shell is not regulated
NightXCZ77 (9:44:57 PM): and you know that
tyndago (9:44:57 PM): right
tyndago (9:44:59 PM): I know that
tyndago (9:45:00 PM): but
NightXCZ77 (9:45:06 PM): don't copy and paste
NightXCZ77 (9:45:11 PM): I don't read it anyways...
tyndago (9:45:14 PM): if you import the parts to put a shell together
tyndago (9:45:19 PM): its not legal
NightXCZ77 (9:45:20 PM): of which I do not
tyndago (9:45:25 PM): under clean air act
tyndago (9:45:31 PM): well what the fuck
tyndago (9:45:36 PM): are you selling as an S14 ?
tyndago (9:45:48 PM): you are not calling it a cut and shut
NightXCZ77 (9:45:51 PM): yes sir I happen to be selling a S14
tyndago (9:46:16 PM): and its
tyndago (9:46:18 PM): a complete car
NightXCZ77 (9:46:20 PM): US legal
tyndago (9:46:24 PM): its not legal
tyndago (9:46:28 PM): its a japanese s14
tyndago (9:46:34 PM): that you took to the local dmv
tyndago (9:46:40 PM): and duped them into registering it
tyndago (9:46:41 PM): easy
NightXCZ77 (9:46:44 PM): All paperwork was sent to the DOT, NHTSA, and DOT in Washington DC reguarding this car
tyndago (9:46:50 PM): bullshit
NightXCZ77 (9:46:52 PM): I was put under investigation for 2 weeks
tyndago (9:46:56 PM): bullshit
NightXCZ77 (9:47:05 PM): be open minded for once
tyndago (9:47:15 PM): who was investigating you ?
tyndago (9:47:21 PM): which office
tyndago (9:47:24 PM): which people ?
NightXCZ77 (9:48:11 PM): all I was told by the person at the DOT was that he sent off all of my paperwork to the DOT, NHTSA, and EPA in Washington DC...he did not tell me what person or what office. He was concerned that I was importing vehicles illegally and they would not touch the cars until they had approval from those agencies
tyndago (9:48:24 PM): listen dipshit
NightXCZ77 (9:48:27 PM): he also took pictures of the car, wrote down engine and chassis codes etc...
tyndago (9:48:30 PM): the local ADOT
tyndago (9:48:32 PM): is not the DOT
NightXCZ77 (9:48:44 PM): ADOT sent...excuse my verbage
tyndago (9:48:48 PM): thats your local deparment of motorvehicles
tyndago (9:49:01 PM): they have very little to do
NightXCZ77 (9:49:01 PM): yes, ADOT sent my paperwork to D.C.
tyndago (9:49:05 PM): with the people in washingtong
NightXCZ77 (9:49:07 PM): took 2 weeks to come back
tyndago (9:49:17 PM): look
tyndago (9:49:28 PM): you are so confused
NightXCZ77 (9:49:31 PM): I have no reason to make up stories for you Sean...and I see no reason why we can't talk respectively to each other
tyndago (9:49:31 PM): the ADOT
tyndago (9:49:34 PM): is not the DOT
tyndago (9:49:49 PM): its like me calling the DMV
tyndago (9:49:51 PM): the DOT
tyndago (9:49:54 PM): its different places
NightXCZ77 (9:49:54 PM): ADOT is not in Washington DC either
tyndago (9:50:03 PM): ADOT is in Arizona
tyndago (9:50:08 PM): Arizona DOT
NightXCZ77 (9:50:12 PM): right
tyndago (9:50:17 PM): where do you take a car to register it ?
NightXCZ77 (9:50:17 PM): now listen to me here
NightXCZ77 (9:51:25 PM): The Arizona Department of Transportation requested all paperwork I had on the vehicle, including receipts, importation papers, customs clearance, etc...once I supplied them with that data, they took pictures of the vehicle and documented it, then sent all information to those agencies listed prior in Washington D.C.
tyndago (9:51:57 PM): so what you give them ?
NightXCZ77 (9:52:02 PM): Washington D.C. took that information and conducted an investigation on me personally (importing) and the car itself as well as the receipts
tyndago (9:52:05 PM): you said you import only shells
NightXCZ77 (9:52:10 PM): yes, I import shells
tyndago (9:52:18 PM): which are not vehicles
tyndago (9:52:24 PM): but you have a vehicle
tyndago (9:52:29 PM): that is not a shell
tyndago (9:52:34 PM): but a vehicel
tyndago (9:52:37 PM): vehicle
NightXCZ77 (9:52:40 PM): I can also impor the engine for the another container, but I cannot supply that engine to the vehicle....nor can I import the engine for that vehicle
tyndago (9:52:49 PM): wrong
tyndago (9:53:00 PM): read that shit
tyndago (9:53:06 PM): this is where I need to cut and past
tyndago (9:53:07 PM): paste
NightXCZ77 (9:53:11 PM): don't bother
tyndago (9:53:13 PM): to show you
tyndago (9:53:18 PM): see dumbshit
tyndago (9:53:26 PM): you cant read and comprehend
NightXCZ77 (9:53:27 PM): as I said, I don't supply the engines for the vehicles
tyndago (9:53:38 PM): but you have a fucking S14 with engine
tyndago (9:53:45 PM): that you are selling
tyndago (9:53:50 PM): but you dont supply engiens
tyndago (9:53:53 PM): engines
NightXCZ77 (9:54:04 PM): you are correct, I don't supply the engines for the vehicles
tyndago (9:54:22 PM): but you own
tyndago (9:54:26 PM): an S14
NightXCZ77 (9:54:29 PM): could do this in your sleep
tyndago (9:54:39 PM): look
NightXCZ77 (9:54:40 PM): I also own 6 240's, a Skyline and a S13 Silvia...what of it?
tyndago (9:54:44 PM): I have looked into it
tyndago (9:54:51 PM): all the rules
tyndago (9:54:54 PM): ways around shit
NightXCZ77 (9:54:56 PM): are a catch22
tyndago (9:54:58 PM): I know how to do it legally
tyndago (9:55:06 PM): I know how to do it illegally
tyndago (9:55:12 PM): its easy to get cars in
NightXCZ77 (9:55:16 PM): and you know that for every law, there is a counter law
tyndago (9:55:20 PM): see the RB S14 ?
tyndago (9:55:31 PM): not a problem
tyndago (9:55:36 PM): but its here
tyndago (9:55:42 PM): on a temp import
tyndago (9:55:46 PM): its not a street car
tyndago (9:55:53 PM): not going to be offered for sale
NightXCZ77 (9:55:59 PM): in the US
tyndago (9:55:59 PM): RB has the
tyndago (9:56:12 PM): you know
tyndago (9:56:19 PM): dont pretend to know about dealer plates
tyndago (9:56:21 PM): and rules
tyndago (9:56:26 PM): or R34's for that matter
NightXCZ77 (9:56:28 PM): I know customs rules
NightXCZ77 (9:56:36 PM): and I know regulations reguarding post 95 vehicles
tyndago (9:56:46 PM): then do a fucking FOI
tyndago (9:56:51 PM): for 1999 R34 cert
NightXCZ77 (9:56:53 PM): and I know for fact that RB Motoring violates
tyndago (9:56:55 PM): cause it fucking exists
tyndago (9:57:02 PM): you dont know shit
tyndago (9:57:14 PM): how many R34's in the US ?
NightXCZ77 (9:57:22 PM): several
NightXCZ77 (9:57:30 PM): I know of two in AZ, and 1 in el paso
tyndago (9:57:31 PM): do you want me to give you the VIN #
NightXCZ77 (9:57:35 PM): seen a few in WA
tyndago (9:57:44 PM): I will give you the VIN #
tyndago (9:57:47 PM): and you can all DOT
NightXCZ77 (9:57:47 PM): for what?
tyndago (9:57:50 PM): and check out
tyndago (9:57:53 PM): RB's car
NightXCZ77 (9:58:03 PM): the one that had to be exported because it was not in compliance
tyndago (9:58:11 PM): there is none
tyndago (9:58:20 PM): car that had to be exported ?
tyndago (9:58:26 PM): it doesnt exist
NightXCZ77 (9:58:32 PM): you're the one confused here
NightXCZ77 (9:58:49 PM): the VIN doesn't exist on the R34
tyndago (9:58:55 PM): ok
tyndago (9:58:59 PM): chassis number then dipshit
NightXCZ77 (9:58:59 PM): is that what you're trying to say?
tyndago (9:59:31 PM): there is no US VIN
NightXCZ77 (9:59:40 PM): I know
tyndago (9:59:40 PM): substitute for US VIN is the chassis number
tyndago (9:59:45 PM): in the US
NightXCZ77 (9:59:47 PM): I know that as well
tyndago (9:59:51 PM): the legalized cars
tyndago (9:59:58 PM): have the chassis number
tyndago (10:00:04 PM): as equivalent of a VIN
tyndago (10:00:12 PM): ok
tyndago (10:00:20 PM): so you want the chassis number
tyndago (10:00:24 PM): ?
tyndago (10:00:26 PM): so you can call
tyndago (10:00:29 PM): and check on the car ?
tyndago (10:00:33 PM): remember
NightXCZ77 (10:00:36 PM): I don't need to know how you illegally imported and titled the vehicle
tyndago (10:00:39 PM): RB gets cars though motorex
NightXCZ77 (10:00:41 PM): not my style
tyndago (10:00:46 PM): you are fucking dense
NightXCZ77 (10:00:53 PM): and MotoRex has been known to sell illegal R34's
tyndago (10:01:02 PM): I told you dipshit
tyndago (10:01:08 PM): 202 366 5291
tyndago (10:01:15 PM): I will give you the chassis number
tyndago (10:01:16 PM): call the dot
tyndago (10:01:18 PM): ask
tyndago (10:01:27 PM): see if its been legalized
tyndago (10:01:35 PM): its easy
NightXCZ77 (10:01:37 PM): you can call the DOT on my vehicle too if oyu wish, I really don't care
tyndago (10:01:45 PM): I am going to
tyndago (10:01:47 PM): dont worrry
NightXCZ77 (10:01:50 PM): feel free
tyndago (10:01:52 PM): you piss me
tyndago (10:01:53 PM): off
tyndago (10:01:59 PM): if you would have left it alone
tyndago (10:02:04 PM): and not talked shit about me
NightXCZ77 (10:02:09 PM): why, cause I'm competition for the big bad Sean Morris?
tyndago (10:02:12 PM): I would have let the dipshits
tyndago (10:02:24 PM): I am big and bad
tyndago (10:02:27 PM): remember that
NightXCZ77 (10:02:44 PM): you're a skinny ass white boy that's eyes are crossed when he reads
tyndago (10:02:48 PM): yep
tyndago (10:02:54 PM): sure
NightXCZ77 (10:02:58 PM): big and bad are sarcastic remarks
tyndago (10:03:01 PM): step the fuck up in my face
NightXCZ77 (10:03:08 PM): come to AZ
tyndago (10:03:13 PM): I told you already
NightXCZ77 (10:03:25 PM): you think I'm a waste of your time yet you're so focussed on proving me wrong without proof
tyndago (10:03:31 PM): PROOF
tyndago (10:03:33 PM): fuck man
NightXCZ77 (10:03:35 PM): come down and visit my operations
NightXCZ77 (10:03:37 PM): see for yourself
tyndago (10:03:38 PM): the DOT
NightXCZ77 (10:03:40 PM): I really don't care
tyndago (10:03:40 PM): the EPA
tyndago (10:04:01 PM): the ADOT is not the DOT
tyndago (10:04:04 PM): smog
tyndago (10:04:08 PM): is not EPA
tyndago (10:04:15 PM): you FTP your cars ?
tyndago (10:04:23 PM): you have a certificate of conformance ?
NightXCZ77 (10:04:32 PM): what do you have to gain from this?
tyndago (10:04:40 PM): just fucking you over
tyndago (10:04:42 PM): at this point
tyndago (10:04:46 PM): cause you piss me off
NightXCZ77 (10:04:49 PM): hmm...good luck, I wish you the best
tyndago (10:04:50 PM): cause
tyndago (10:04:54 PM): if you have left it
tyndago (10:04:57 PM): I could care less
tyndago (10:05:03 PM): but bring my name in
NightXCZ77 (10:05:03 PM): I didn't say anything about you
tyndago (10:05:05 PM): and
NightXCZ77 (10:05:10 PM): besides quoting another
tyndago (10:05:18 PM): didnt say anything about me ?
NightXCZ77 (10:05:31 PM): oh yeah....and if you really want to get into it...check out MotoRex since they already offered me a job
tyndago (10:05:39 PM): good
tyndago (10:05:41 PM): take one there
tyndago (10:05:47 PM): read up on them
NightXCZ77 (10:05:49 PM): $450,000 is not enough money
tyndago (10:05:50 PM): go to FA
NightXCZ77 (10:05:59 PM): FA is the dumbest forum on the web
tyndago (10:06:02 PM): go to SDU
NightXCZ77 (10:06:04 PM): I could care less what happens there
tyndago (10:06:10 PM): read up on people
tyndago (10:06:12 PM): waiting on cars
tyndago (10:06:13 PM): read up
tyndago (10:06:19 PM): on DOT investigation at motorex
tyndago (10:06:23 PM): 450k
tyndago (10:06:27 PM): you are so full of shit
NightXCZ77 (10:06:33 PM): they wanted me to register and legalize skylines for them
tyndago (10:06:37 PM): ha ha
NightXCZ77 (10:06:37 PM): you are blind
tyndago (10:06:47 PM): 4,500
tyndago (10:06:48 PM): maybe
tyndago (10:06:51 PM): blind
tyndago (10:06:54 PM): blind
tyndago (10:07:00 PM): man I forgot more about this
tyndago (10:07:05 PM): on the toilet this morning
tyndago (10:07:09 PM): than you will ever know
NightXCZ77 (10:07:20 PM): keep pretending that
tyndago (10:07:23 PM): shit
NightXCZ77 (10:07:26 PM): I'm a force that's not going away
tyndago (10:07:27 PM): see
tyndago (10:07:31 PM): a FORCE
tyndago (10:07:32 PM): ha
tyndago (10:07:35 PM): I told you
tyndago (10:07:38 PM): you are a pissant
NightXCZ77 (10:07:38 PM): no matter what you're gonna try and pull
tyndago (10:07:45 PM): like I said
NightXCZ77 (10:07:47 PM): and you're a sad strange little man
tyndago (10:07:48 PM): this is nothing
tyndago (10:07:50 PM): but
tyndago (10:07:52 PM): personal
tyndago (10:07:56 PM): fuck business
NightXCZ77 (10:07:57 PM): who can't get over that he wasn't good enough to stay at mRex
tyndago (10:08:04 PM): good enough
NightXCZ77 (10:08:08 PM): so he goes about crying on every forum
tyndago (10:08:09 PM): to stay at motorex
tyndago (10:08:15 PM): I walked out
NightXCZ77 (10:08:15 PM): and attacking people to get over his problems
tyndago (10:08:24 PM): I walked out the door
NightXCZ77 (10:08:28 PM): uh-huh
NightXCZ77 (10:08:32 PM): whatever you're so dense
tyndago (10:08:35 PM): told them to go and fuck themselfs
NightXCZ77 (10:08:39 PM): sure you did
NightXCZ77 (10:08:48 PM): oh yeah, I believe that 100%
tyndago (10:08:50 PM): of coures
tyndago (10:08:52 PM): course
tyndago (10:08:57 PM): you heard different
tyndago (10:09:01 PM): so bernard
tyndago (10:09:06 PM): he still contacts me because ?
NightXCZ77 (10:09:21 PM): he calls you an asshole as well, so I really don't know why he contacts you
NightXCZ77 (10:09:30 PM): says most people think you're an asshole...but don't take it from me
NightXCZ77 (10:09:35 PM): cause you "probably heard different"
tyndago (10:09:52 PM): man
tyndago (10:10:10 PM): sometimes
tyndago (10:10:13 PM): its funny
NightXCZ77 (10:10:18 PM): you actually realize what an idiot you are?
tyndago (10:10:19 PM): sometimes its not
NightXCZ77 (10:10:29 PM): hm....beat you to the punchline again
tyndago (10:10:32 PM): idiot only for arguing with you
tyndago (10:10:41 PM): wasting time
tyndago (10:10:43 PM): again
tyndago (10:10:52 PM): lucky I have nothing better to do
NightXCZ77 (10:10:57 PM): yet, if you'd listen, you might actually hear some truth instead of dismissing it as always
tyndago (10:11:07 PM): you have nothing
NightXCZ77 (10:11:11 PM): MRex has a much bigger idea than I do with this crap
tyndago (10:11:12 PM): to tell me
NightXCZ77 (10:11:23 PM): fine, take it as you'll see in about 3 months
tyndago (10:11:28 PM): ok
tyndago (10:11:30 PM): cool
tyndago (10:11:33 PM): I guess I will
tyndago (10:11:36 PM): I have heard that
NightXCZ77 (10:11:39 PM): or however long it takes em
tyndago (10:11:41 PM): how many times ?

07-23-2004, 08:20 PM
....damn thanks for the info and thanks for lookin out for teh community....

07-23-2004, 08:33 PM
Yea Thanks man. Shows what people are really after in this world $ (:mad:) & nothing else. Sad some1 would fuk some1 over that bad for his/her own personal gain. Has he sold the S14???

07-24-2004, 03:48 PM
I got this email the other day but since the topic has been brought up I'd thought I'd share it with you guys.

He I have a story for you and all that you know about Cameron in Phoenix

The FBI and Police are investigating this one. I have his shop on tape, him
taped which he
has no idea about etc... He is a short little punk kid who drives a peice of
shit, he had
2 240s in this "Shop" that is ghetto. The cars were peices of shit, the
cars at his home
were shit. All this talk about Sklyines??? Yeah right! It's all BS. The
entire talk about
the swaps, parts etc....all BS. I got scammed worst than most. He was paid
to build me a car
full bomex, custom paint, 6 point cage painted, special order parts
etc...It's been 5 months no cash and no car. I got cops on his ass and he
shipped a car, no parts, spraypainted the car, sprayed the tires and the
rims. I have witnesses that were there when he did this in a parking lot
with 10 of his little buddies who don't even no what pubic hair looks like
yet!!! lol

They are on tape "blowing" on my car that was supposed to be done 3 months
ago full RB25DET swap and loaded with the best. He was trying to sell this
peice of shit to someone else in Utah right before he got nailed! There is
alot more to the story. I had paid a Private Investigator to do a ton and
man if you knew what I know right now you'd be amazed. This kid is just
like many other he has knowledge by reading and watching TV and videos but
has no idea really what he is doing. I have people in this ghetto complex
who said "not one nice car has ever come in and out of his place" they all
look like shit. I figured after seeing all your post(s) about this kid I'd
give you something to laugh about! This person is very fraudulent tell
people to stay away and never give money. I will prob. be one of the only
people who see my money back and that is a long story in itself...

07-24-2004, 11:59 PM
ouch, that's pretty intense. i'd heard stuff about them but didn't think it was THAT bad. apparently i was wrong. best of luck man.

07-29-2004, 07:00 PM
I don't know who this Bernard person being referenced by the above post was, but it was not myself (MICHAEL BERNARD)......
Our Company had not even gone "Public", IE, as in known about by anyone other than myself, my wife, and our closest associates, on the 21st of April---I know this for a fact because April 22 is my Bday.......Actually, SA considers it's BDay to be "May 25", which is the date our website went online.....
I have never spoken directly with Mr. Wieldraayer, although I have spoken to (supposedly)past associates of his at times (who found me via my presence here on AF, which you can see by my name was in JUNE)-----now, who knows, maybe it was Cameron himself? But I can say in full honesty that I have never been interested in doing things the illegal way, not even for my own personal cars, because as a business man I would still be under scrutiney if I had an R34, Evo6, and RHD Supra in my driveway, you know? I'd give ANYTHING to have an Evo6(or any of those cars), but I can't and wouldn't do it now because of the professional image I must present. So, if I can't and won't do it for myself, and absolutely hate and resent the con artists who make my life and job 10X harder than it has to be (just like Mr. Morris, and everyone else involved in LEGAL business), I would never present the image to a client or potiential business associate, of being interested in doing things an illegal way, as you can see this would completely detract from my Committment, Honor, and Integrity---which does mean something for those who have it.
There are at least 50-100 persons in the US who can vouch for my personal conviction in not giving in to doing this business illegally----People who attempt to discuss it with me, I refuse to allow the conversation to go on. People who send me emails on an almost daily basis asking if I "can or have done" this or that are either ignored or strongly discouraged from undertaking such trickeries. I know several who are on this and other forums.
Since I know I am not the only Bernard in the world, and knowing the time period involved, I understand that Mr. Morris knows this was not a reference to me, but I wanted everyone else to be clear on that. I have, in fact, undergone an extensive process of spreading the word on the lawsuit against Night7 throughout the internet, as I know their list of scammed customers is very long, and quite spread out. Even going into the forum Night7 is a moderator on and taking a beating from those guys. I thought it was worth it (although it turned out to be pointless as it was already VERY well known by the regulars on that forum, a couple noob's thanked me publicly and privately)in the end-----it's the scam artists and ripoff operations who make this business a realistic nightmare.
I am glad Mr. Morris can find ways to have fun with those people, but for me, they are more of a pain and nuissance than anything else I can imagine. I'd rather deal with beuracratic red tape and 5 government agencies 24 hours a day than have to spend half my day presuading people not to break the law, which is what I do now.

short synopsis----BERNARD/NOT ME

Michael Bernard

07-30-2004, 12:34 PM
There are more than one person named Bernard in the world.

This Bernard - I was refering to - is a person that I know from Japan.

Not Michael Bernard.

The Bernard I know , had mentioned Cameron to me the last time I saw him. I talked with Bernard about him then. Cameron had purchased some engines from Bernard. He said he had all the money ,etc.When they were all loaded up he said he was short....

Shady guy that Cameron.... shady....

07-30-2004, 05:36 PM
Thanks Mr. Morris----
I realized that YOU knew it wasn't me, but I wanted to make that clear to other persons who might have made the assumption.....


07-31-2004, 04:38 AM

Please call me Sean.... I already feel kinda old being 30. You calling me mister.... that ain't helping much...

Sean is fine. I'm a West Coast - laid back - kinda mellow type person...

07-31-2004, 07:06 PM
I usually refer to you as Mr. Morris when I am speaking ABOUT you, not to you, and in your rank/rating when I am talking directly to you. This is how I don't confuse myself. I slipped up that time, so apparently my system doesn't always work for me.....
I've been thinking of promoting you to Chief, although I have no authority to do so.....

Michael Bernard

07-31-2004, 08:22 PM
hey MB youre cool in my book and im glad no wrong person is being saught after... and
im glad this became public

08-01-2004, 03:12 PM
Hey, I was just on Sport Compact Car's website reading on one of theyre tech how to's, and they were swapping in a RB25DET into an S14 and they bought they're engine from night 7! hmm I dont know what to think anymore.

08-01-2004, 08:55 PM
That is another interesting item in this unfolding saga----kinda counter almost EVERYTHING else we've heard about these guys.....
An item of note that maybe no one has noticed yet---Night 7 being (re?)located in Seatle. It seems previously they were based in Arizona.


08-01-2004, 10:16 PM
Just Sean. Serious man. Just Sean is plenty of respect.

08-03-2004, 04:29 PM
aye aye

08-15-2004, 02:56 PM
HAHHAHA i live in seattle! does anyone know the address?

08-28-2004, 12:18 PM
Sean I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada and am a resident of GTR Canada! you are the tech advisor in our forum, I have total respect for you, and am glad to see that you are keeping illegals off the roads over there too

I plan on visiting your shop sometime in Decemeber :)

09-04-2004, 10:57 AM
That is another interesting item in this unfolding saga----kinda counter almost EVERYTHING else we've heard about these guys.....
An item of note that maybe no one has noticed yet---Night 7 being (re?)located in Seatle. It seems previously they were based in Arizona.


Yes... it does contradict everything bad we have heard about Night7Racing... I'm not taking sides, but I would need to see a bit more evidence from either side before I can take a side.

09-06-2004, 02:22 PM
Fishy stuff... I also read that in SCC. Kinda makes you think. I used to talk to one of their 'employee's' in this Online Forum: Zoso... he seemed okay to me but I guess he got banned for something about Night7. I wonder if that was really Cameron himself sometimes posing as someone else. I heard many folks were ripped off! I was going to purchase an RB25DET from them too before I heard the rumors. I'm not taking side either... I just want to see this cleared up!

09-23-2004, 01:20 AM
i wonder if anyone got there money back.....?

09-23-2004, 10:30 AM
Con-artists make running a business soo dificult. I am happy to see people are going after him

09-23-2004, 01:07 PM
Cameron Won't Ever Be A Legit Shop And I'll Make Sure Of It.... At Any Point In Time I Can Have Him Arrested For Fraud. I'm Waiting For Him To Make A Move.

09-25-2004, 09:57 AM
Guys... NSR is dead. Your fighting a battle that has been over for many months now.

George, Zoso you speak of... Thats my good friend Jordan Watson. He worked for Cameron for years, and they still conversate about random BS.

Now Im not taking sides... But the conversations I've had with Mr. Wieldraayer, he seems like a cool guy.

But I cant possible know what is really going on... Seeming as I am in North Carolina, and Cam is in Phoenix.

O, and to clear this up:

Cameron moved from Washington State, where NSR was started, to Phoenix. Never told me why, just told me that he moved.

NSR is dead... But Sean, you have a valid worry... Watch his Car Business closely.


09-28-2004, 01:29 PM
Cameron Is A Fraudulent Salesman..... He Is Nice Till He Gets Your Money Then He Loses Your Number And Screen Your Phone Calls.

11-03-2004, 05:45 PM
Hey, I was just on Sport Compact Car's website reading on one of theyre tech how to's, and they were swapping in a RB25DET into an S14 and they bought they're engine from night 7! hmm I dont know what to think anymore.
he started off good..... and you know the rest of the story. bb reports, fbi wants him, passing off unlegalized skylines... he found out he could make a lot of money doing absolutely nothing but taking people's hard-earned money. he's SCUM.

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