Help PLease...NEED INFO

07-21-2004, 01:09 AM
Ok...Here's my problem. I'm from California where you have to pass smog with a vision test. I have a 1995 nissan 240sx. I was thinking of getting a SR or modifying the stock KA with a turbo. But that wouldn't pass the smog. Then i was thinking maybe i can sell the car and get a Supra TT. Would the TT pass smog here in CALI?? or what would be the difference if i get a single turbo or a N/A...can i get a TT on that?? And i know that the years of the cars matter on the Turbo issue. But the point and facts i wanted to find out is that...if i get a supra TT or T or N/a would it pass smog in CALI stock. and what about after i put a stroker kit or aftermarket turbo after words...then would it pass? PLEASE help

07-23-2004, 08:35 PM
honestly, im not sure, but wut i would do is look for someone in california who has a supra TT, and if there are people taht own them, it would mean that it does pass the smog. Also talk to them, and ask if they had any trouble passing smog and if they had to tweek the car to get it to pass smog.

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