Ion Pulse
07-18-2004, 05:27 AM
A coupe of years ago Isuzu unveiled two concept cars based on the then new Axiom platform ,the street-performance XSF and this the roadster/SUV XSR. The XSR facinates me because nobody has tried to create a SUV/roadster crossover before and Isuzu came up with it!!! Maybe if had made it to production Isuzu would'nt be in financial dyer straights its in at present. The XSR featured a neat retractable roof(similar to that of the Chevvy SSR) and a tuned 3.0V6 which produced 230hp and had a sub10second 0-60 time. The XSR also had a loud colour scheme and many other attractive qualities. So it baffles me why the did'nt make, it would have certainly given Isuzu a much needed character injection and perhaps created an interesting new niche market.

BIG'n'Funky looking front.
Neat rear end styling
Funky interior(YELLOW NICE!!!!!!!!)

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