power window problems

07-09-2004, 03:56 AM
my driver window goes up and down too far. i took the panel off and a coil spring (like from a thermostat) fell out of the cut-out in the bottom of my door. thats what i get for buying a used car. anyway, the little hook on the inside of the coil is broken off so i might find a junk one. is there any place i can find pictures so i know how to put it together and see if i'm missing anything else? the window operates fine other than it clunks when it goes all the way up or down.

07-09-2004, 02:33 PM
The scary thing that happened to my 98 Jimmy is that it did do that clunking noise after I roll up the window, but this one time it didn't and while I was driving it did it but this time it shattered the window.
When I took it in to have the Window replaced the window guy said it was the motor it is too strong or something like that. He said taking it back to the dealership might be too expensive and maybe getting another from a used pick-a-part might be better. Or just live with it and be careful when rolling up the window. So now I roll it up inch-by-inch sounds stupid but I don't want that happening again.
Or do you think that window guy knew what he was talking about? Has anybody else had this problem?

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