looking for a new car

07-08-2004, 10:48 PM
Hey guys hows it goin. first time being on this side/making a thread in the car comparison forum. OK, as some of you already know i have sold my 300zx. all of the money i made on that car had to go to the bank for college. i was only allowed to keep 2500 for another car. too bad i dont have the other 11 grand to spend on this new car, but anyway what do all of you suggest. i am open to every single suggestion, whether its european, american, or japanese.i will take every post into consideration. i want a car that i can still do engine performance on, as thats what i did my whole time with the Z. all i ask s to keep it civil, if you disagree with someone's answer that cool, you state what you think, just dont bash others opinions. thanks alot.

i originally had this thread in the car comparison, but this is a better place for it

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