240SX or VR-4 question....need your help desiding

07-03-2004, 11:17 AM
Hey everyone. Hows it goin? Well here's my deal. I have a 95 3000GT and soon i'm going to sell it and get a 94-96 VR-4 (same car just twin turbo'b, awd and aws) or a 95-98 240SX and get a SR20DET engine and put that in there and do a S15 headlight conversion with Bomex body kit all around it. So...here's my options.

Get a VR-4 in a year and just keep my 3000GT i have now and then sometime after i get the VR-4 get a 240SX.

Or get a 240SX now and start modding it some, save up for a VR-4 and get the VR-4 in two to three year from now and still keep the 240SX when i get the VR-4.

I can get the VR-4 now because of money and someother little things but i could buy the 240SX in about 3 months.

So witch one would you do?

07-04-2004, 09:49 AM
I have been thinking about this all day and last night and i think i'm going to do my first option get the VR-4 in a year then get the 240. Still would like some input tho.

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