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2003 viper SRT convertible COMPLETE DRIVELINE

06-29-2004, 03:19 PM
I bought this car as a wreck and it is pretty busted up. I had plans on taking the driveline and stuffing it down into a 1967 Lincoln convertible, but alas it is not to be :( Medical bills have sprung up, and I have to sell it. I have the body sold as is, so please dont ask for parts off of that. But I am still trying to sell off the motor, trans and wiring setup for this. It would be a complete setup, dropin motor driveline. I can get you pictures if you need them. PLEASE no tire kickers, if you dont have my asking price, please dont even ask. I am not negotiable on the price, yes I need cash, but I wont lose money on this either. Car has 2445 miles on it, and has a vin number of 1b3jr65z13v500083.

15,000.00 COMPLETE

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