trasmission problems

06-27-2004, 07:33 PM
have a 2001 SLT 4x4, lost my reverse gear,@10100km sound like a few people here have had the same problem, my qestions are:: why is this not a recall, Can it be fixed ?? or do i need a new tranni??? how much to fix?

06-29-2004, 05:54 AM
Recalls are only based on safety related issues in most cases. Not having reverse is an inconvenience, not unsafe usually.

I'm sure that GM has looked into it and doesn't feel there is enough evidence that the problem is a GM manufacturing issue.

It can be fixed, but the tranny will need an overhaul. You could at this point (depending on the cost of the overhaul) replace your transmission with a GM SRTA (GM reman.) The SRTA gives you 3 years, 50000 miles warranty, certainly something you won't get from a tranny shop.

Rebuilding should be about $1300-$1500, and that should include all new clutches, steels, seals, and gaskets. Just to replace the bad part(s) should be close to $1000. GM SRTA will run you about $2300 installed.

Hope this helps.

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