What is a good cheap car start off with?

06-16-2004, 04:29 PM
I really want to do my own mod. car but I am not sure where to start. What is a cheap car that you can lots of mods to and it still look clean on the inside and out?

06-16-2004, 11:01 PM
well, im a bit biased, but third gen camaros are great starting points, the small block chevy is probly the most widly supported engine aftermarket wise in existance. easy to work on. camaros have a cult following and the mod list is endless.

however there is also a reason civics are so popular for modding, newer, smaller, better gas mileage, and can still be fast with the propor mods, no idea how hard to work on or how expencive, cuz i dont work on imports personally, but if they were hard and expencive, i dont think they would be all that popular.

my best advice would be to shop around for everything in your price range, no matter what make or model, put together a list of say, ten or so that you really like, and then do a search on the web for aftermarket tuning parts, for both style and performance. those that have lots of parts availablity probly have it for a reason, while those who have fewer options probly have that limited choice because it was decided they werent worth the effort.

have fun shopping :)

06-18-2004, 10:06 PM
Another thing to look at..The rarity of the car. Everyone has a Civic or a Camaro. I guess its a balance of price, available aftermarket parts, and how many modified vehicles you see of the type. Of course there is usually a reason there are lots of the same models.. But if you take some time in choosing you can find something less people in your area might have worked on.

06-18-2004, 10:34 PM
one word three letters CRX, u can get one running mid 14s for 4 grand if its got a b16 in it which means its running one of the most popular honda engines, and yet its a crx so its light weight and a body styling unlike everyones civic, yes they have the same frame but look way different. I would hit the crx but thats just cuz thats what i doin

06-19-2004, 07:20 PM
my only problem with the CRX, and i mean no offence to anyone on the forum, is that in EVERY crash with one of those i have seen, at least one person didnt walk away who was inside the car. i wont even ride in one, let alone drive one thats been hopped up. they scare the shit out of me.

06-20-2004, 12:27 PM
i say CRX as well lotsa different ways to go with the car and it is lightweight so it wont take a lot of modding to get it going quick

06-20-2004, 01:26 PM
How about an eclipse? Those are good girl cars.

06-20-2004, 01:29 PM
ya know what... BLOW ME woman!!!

maybe you should get a MIATA cause they are SLOW!!! now thats a good girly car!

06-20-2004, 01:40 PM
You love it! :biggrin:

06-20-2004, 04:34 PM
CRXs are scary...in a good way, i love that they are so light weight. But i am a lil crazy. if ur a chica hit up something that is already pretty quick and more importantly wont mess up that pretty hair (aka no convertibles)

06-20-2004, 04:35 PM
88-91 civic or crx

06-20-2004, 10:13 PM
i used to have a 90 crx dx, no sunroof, no power anything, it didnt even have power steering, i wanted a light car to swap a motor in. it was a very light feeling, nimble car, with great gas mileage. i sorta had bad luck with my crx though, just repaired more things than i thought i was gonna need to. i also heard that older hondas rusted pretty easily. i think a 94+ integra, any version would be a good choice, you could find one of those for around 3000. how much you lookin to spend?

06-21-2004, 01:11 AM
I'd have to go w/ eclipse... unless you wanted to make your car LOOK bad... then go for a prelude. hell, go for a prelude anyway. more for the money.

06-21-2004, 11:58 AM
honestly, i wouldnt get a mitz. cuz they're a pain in the ass cuz there's always issures with MAF sensors or sum other BS like that, unless you get a 3000GT but... ur best bet would to go for a honda. Also if you want something small and quick look for a Miata LS but you might have a hard time finding it

06-22-2004, 01:46 PM
Thank you to everyone that has posted replies. I am now aware of all the options. If anyone thinks of anything new I am very open to hearing about it. So, keep the replies coming.

06-22-2004, 04:44 PM
i agree with 89iroc you can rebuild a 350 and throw it in and get gobs of hp and touqre ,another thing if you ever get into an accident id rather be in a camaro



if i was in a CRX omg i dont even wanna think what would have happened


bah pictures didnt work out for some reason just look at my gallery

06-28-2004, 10:55 PM
Which is better, overall, out of a Prelude and an Eclipse?

06-29-2004, 12:13 AM
The eclipse is turbo chargeable, but the prelude will out-handle the eclipse, especially with the SH option. What exactly do you want the car for?

06-29-2004, 01:58 PM
Personal Satisfaction. Just something that I can take to car shows, yet still be able to drive everyday.

06-30-2004, 09:44 PM
get a 240 !!!

the 240 is the new civic

06-30-2004, 10:24 PM
What does the 240 look like? Price? What makes it so great?

06-30-2004, 10:27 PM

Price depends on year. They are getting overpriced because they are getting really popular. I bought mine about 3 years ago for $7500 and two years and 20K miles later I sold it for $9000...

They are awesome cars, but are getting kinda trendy.

What makes them great is that they are a lightweight rwd car, perfect for drifting and handling... Crappy for driving in the snow... Stock they arent very fast.

06-30-2004, 10:30 PM
Are you talking about the Civic 240 or a prelude?

06-30-2004, 10:31 PM

06-30-2004, 10:49 PM
OIC, that is the new Civic? or is something entirely different? Sorry, I am not really familiar with all the subtitles of cars.

06-30-2004, 11:05 PM
its a figure of speech. She ment that 240sx's are getting as popular as civics...

06-30-2004, 11:38 PM
I get it now. Kinda how people say red is the new pink and stuff like that. Haha. My mis.

07-01-2004, 12:56 AM
yea, 240sx is a great car (not to popular around ny tho well i havn't seen many but when i do i take a look :D their cool) and nissan makes them

07-01-2004, 03:02 PM
Do you have link for the 240SX so I can see it?

07-01-2004, 06:41 PM
The black car I posted in post #22 is a 240sx. Just do a search for 240sx pictures and I'm sure you will find a ton.

07-01-2004, 06:52 PM
manual V6 mustang (99+ please), turboed eclipse, later-model miata, prelude, camaro...people already said all of those. hm. toyota celica. acura RSX, acura integra, civic del sol, ford focus, ...i dun run out. have fun!

07-02-2004, 01:17 AM
It depends on what u want, racing, luxery,family or what u know.

07-02-2004, 01:44 PM
how cheap?

07-03-2004, 07:54 PM
I get it now. Kinda how people say red is the new pink and stuff like that. Haha. My mis.

lol, actually green is the new pink! lol

07-06-2004, 12:40 AM
Thank you to everyone that has posted replies. I am now aware of all the options. If anyone thinks of anything new I am very open to hearing about it. So, keep the replies coming.

A Mustang 5.0 would be a great first car! They are pretty simple when it comes to modding and have great potential. I would'nt mind one myself. I'm sure you could find a decent one for 2 or 3 g's. I bought my civic for 4000 and it's an awesome car! I would definitely recommend it as a first car as well. Anyway, good luck!

07-06-2004, 03:25 PM
Are those cars good for commuting? My price range is between 5 and 10 g's.

07-06-2004, 06:35 PM
Are those cars good for commuting? My price range is between 5 and 10 g's.

I wouldnt suggest it as a commuter car only because of gas. I mean, it's an 8 cylinder/5 liter engine. Not small. lol. But my dad has had four 5.0 Mustangs in his life. And he's attached to them now. He says it's really simple to work on those cars in particular. It's pretty straight forward once you get to really know your car.

07-06-2004, 10:15 PM
OIC, thank you. What are some good commuting cars as well as being able to do mods to them and still be a daily driver.

07-07-2004, 08:27 PM
depends do you really want power? i mean you can get like 25mpg on highway witha 350 which is 5.7 liters
but then agian it also depends on other things like your rear and mods

07-07-2004, 09:41 PM
crx, b16a engine swap, I/H/E, suspension mods, 16 inch rims with R compound rubber (yes youll go through more tires but the traction is worth it) paint and body work, few interior mods and youll have a nice car for under 10k american which has show and go along with reliability.

07-08-2004, 12:34 AM
i heard cars like civics are good on gas

07-08-2004, 12:48 AM
What about an eclipse?

07-08-2004, 12:49 AM
well, i havent checked around town driving with the IROC yet, but on the highway from arkansas to virginia, i averaged 23mpg, with crossed plug wires, bad O2 sensor, old air filters, fouled plugs, zero service in 14 years, and the TPI 350 engine, all while averaging around 70mph all the way home. but she also has 2.77 gears. which helped. so highway cruzing in her, like commuting gets decent gas mileage. but around town i would assume that it is quite a bit less.

07-09-2004, 03:53 PM
Are you talking about a corvette or an eclipse?

07-11-2004, 02:30 AM
hes talking about a 1989 camaro IROC if im not mistaken

07-16-2004, 02:50 PM
OIC. Thanks. I was wondering what about an WRX?

07-16-2004, 07:26 PM
WRX's arent [i]that[/] cheap. You might find a semi high milage one for 10K maybe....

07-28-2004, 02:30 PM
Oh, well. Are they good cars to do mods on and still drive everyday as a commute car?

08-07-2004, 01:35 AM
i would say 97 Prelude, 98 Integra Type R, or a 95 Civic. but the 89 240sx' are pretty awsome if you wanna get crazy (drifting). oh and theres this kinda famous girl that drives a 240sx http://nadine180.com/cars/index.html
they're all about the 10 grand or under range and lots of mods to choose from and great gas mileage.

want a supra
08-07-2004, 01:45 AM
what about a 1990ish mazda rx-7, but the 240 is a good bet there fast and look good.

08-18-2004, 12:17 AM
How about some forgoten models? Try a 1984 Nissan 200sx with the 1.8L turbo, rear wheel drive, 5sp manual, FUN! Or a 1985-87 Toyota MR2 , 1.6L, 5sp, quick and manuverable. 1985 thru 89 Nissan 300Z, 3.0L v6 with or without a Turbo, with or with out a 5sp manual, lots of potential! Or even the aging 90 through 93 Honda Accords, or 91 thru 96 civics, so many options and accesories available! Heck you may even try picking up a 91 through 95 Saturn SC1 or 2 and doing some modding! I like trying something different, not just the run of the mill. But thats just my opinion -Chris

08-18-2004, 04:15 PM
MR2 is good. I like those. How much do they run?

08-18-2004, 04:34 PM
Probably find a older MR2 for definitely under $2000, if not less. I had the opportunity to work on a 85 MR2 and it was really quick. However, it's strength and weakness is being small and lightweight. Which could hurt or help you depending on the types of road conditions you encounter in your neck of the woods. -Chris

08-18-2004, 07:16 PM
How are they in an accident?

08-21-2004, 04:56 PM
Crash ratings are not great, if not horrible. How much crash protection can you expect from a car that is just a glorified go-kart with A/C? It's always a trade off....

08-25-2004, 12:51 AM
What about a ZTS Ford Focus vs. SVT Ford Focus?

08-25-2004, 11:11 PM
I'm not much for Fords period, however my friend did buy a focus and loves it. I don't think I would mind working on one only because it's history comes out of Europe and not a Ford product out of the states. It seemed to be put together a whole lot better than past Ford vehicles.

08-25-2004, 11:27 PM
how much are you looking to spend on a car. I am debating on getting out of my car I just don't know what car I want to get in to.

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