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95 Lesabre Data Link Connector Wired Wrong

06-07-2004, 04:32 PM
95 Lesabre Data Link Connector Wired Wrong...
I'm trying to activate a new Remote Control, but the DLC doesn't seem to wired right. It has contacts for pins 1,4,5,9,11,16. All the directions I've seen say to short pins 4 and 8, but I don't have a pin 8.
I'm pretty sure I'm reading the pin numbers right, and with a 180 rotation I still wouldn't have the two pins I need. Has anyone seen this problem, or know of a web link to a wiring diagram of this part?
I've also tried to pull out the connector so I could find the wire colors. Pin 8's should be a black/white wire. What's the trick to getting this connector out so the wires can be seen?

UPDATE... I pulled down the panel to reveal the DLC wiring. The colors are as follows. 1 Black/White, 4 Black/White, 5 Black, 9 Orange, 11 Green, 16 Tan.

The directs to activate the Remore Control/Keyless entry say to short pin 8 (Black/White wire), to pin 4 (Black wire). With two Black/White wires I'm still lost. I hope one you has a suggestion.

06-08-2004, 03:47 PM
I don't know anything about a remote control / keyless entry, is it aftermarket or by GM ? One thing to be careful of, all 95 LeSabre's are unique as far as on board diagnostics are concerned. The system is classified as OBDI but uses the OBDII data link connector just wired differently. This same data link connector is used and wired the same for all domestic brands and models 96 and newer that are OBDII. Before 1996 car makers were not required to hold to any standard and could wire the connector however they wanted. In other words your remote may only be for 96 and newer vehicles.

06-08-2004, 04:50 PM
I have a 94 Park Avenue. It has OBD-I w/ 16pin DLC. The wiring is as follows:

4 black
5 black/white
8 black/white
9 orange
14 green
16 tan

It appears to be a similar setup. Also, I am able to program the remote control transmitter by shorting pins 4 and 8. According to the Service Manual, pin 4 (black) is Ground and pin 8 (b/w) is therefore the remote programming pin. The manual says that pin 5 (b/w) is also Ground. Very intelligent choice of colors....

However, if this information also applies to your car, it should be possible for you to enter RC programming mode by shorting the two b/w pins since one of them is Ground and the other is the programming pin. But I cannot tell for sure.

Jed Rule
06-08-2004, 06:03 PM
The 95 shop manual shows the Data-Link-Connector as follows:

3 Lt green
4 Black
5 Blk/white
8 Blk/white
9 tan
11 Lt blue
14 Dk green
16 orange

Maybe you can identify the correct wires by color codes.
Hope this helps.

06-08-2004, 09:28 PM
Thanks for the replys. It looks like the wiring is different from mine, so I'm still stuck. I'm afraid of what might be damaged (or reprogrammed) if I short together the wrong two pins.

A person I talked to today thought I should check to see if mine is wired the same as a 96 model, since it was built in July 95.

Anyone have the wiring data for the 96 Lesabre?

My wires are:

1 Black/White
4 Black/White
5 Black
9 Orange
11 Green
16 Tan or Light Brown

That's definitly different than what Jed Rule found in the 95 shop manual.

For Xpress60. The new remote was purchased from AutoZone, made by Remotes Unlimited. It's supposed to be for 94 & 95: Buick Lesabre, Park Avenue, Rivera; Oldsmobile Aurora, Delta 88, Ninety-Eight; Pontiac Bonneville. Tech support said the the information provided them by Buick was pin 8 Black/White and pin 4 Black. And that was the end of their tech support.

Again. Thanks for the replys.

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