No Cd Help Me Pls Some One !

Eduard Kuzin
06-07-2004, 12:45 PM
Hi people.
If someone might help me plz give me some information concerning "no cd" NFS4 Underground.
I will be very (i don't know how to say that) grateful or glad or delightful - I don't know how to say that.

And if you are to visit Russia in some years plz learn some information about russian "dirty" words before use it.
For example, you shouldn't say CHOPIZDISH in public, because it means
what the fucking fuck are you fucking talking about you fucking cunt??!!
It is very interesting to communicate with you guys! My e-mail box:

06-07-2004, 12:50 PM
Don't be cheap, buy the damn game yourself.

06-18-2004, 02:00 PM
Before you judge Sk8ter some people do buy the games and still use the no cd's as to preserve them and not have to swap disks all the time. As for your question Eduard, no cd cracks can be found at match the version download, and replace exe in NFSU folder. (just make sure you back up your origoinal EXE in case things go haywire.

06-23-2004, 04:37 PM
what is with the poll? voted asd. feel very strongly about it

06-26-2004, 12:28 PM, ul find the no cd fix there, i play on the ps2 so dont crap on me for finding the fix,lol

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