So looking to buy a new (used) car, which one should I choose?

06-06-2004, 04:24 PM
So here it is *drumroll*

Goal for Spring 2005 (or whenever the snow goes away in 2005) (but if I can get it before it's just as good)

Trying to upgrade from 2003 Spec V with sports package (selling this) to a car between 25-30K (up to) (used in CANADIAN FUNDS) for an all year project car if boosted with diffrent boost for winter (IE -50C weather conditons) and summer, it'll be used as a Street, autox, track, and drag car...basically a street car I can have fun with :)

Trying to meet most of these critiera...
With better reliability (a must)
better interior/exterior (luxury/looks wise) (perferred)
similar performance (this is a given)
better aftermarket (a must)
Similar or better fuel economy (if this is possible I'd be VERY happy)
would like to try to get away from FWD...but with this price range it might not be possible...
if RWD...should be boosted (with a smaller I4 engine) to avoid too much trouble in winter...
MUST be manual
Boost is nice :D
Trying to avoid anymore ecnoboxes
Oh MUST be available in a used car...I found out how badly new cars depreciated after I bought my spec v, lol...but atleast I own all of it :)

Cars that Made the Cut: "()" Personal Comments

RSX-S: (Looks good inside/out, awsome build quality, awsome aftermarket, good fuel economy, but it's FWD, and it's really really common :( but out of the cars that made it, has the best interior out of the cars I've chosen IMO, an engine that'll never break if I don't boost :) )

WRX: (AWD, Turbocharged, really good aftermarket, but crappy interior (that's something I REALLY REALLY dislike [it's worse than my spec v's], worse than Nissan quality paint and not so good fuel economy)

S13/S14: (RWD, 50/50 balance mmmmmm, tons of potential in both cars, they're built better than my Spec...Interior is meh, better than WRX...but it's still meh, S13s could be a little too old to be in really good condition, S14 is REALLY hard to find in a MT, but with the money saved I could make these into quite the street terrors, with rebuilt engines, and good reliablity since I'd beable to put the money into it)

IS300: (Most expensive out of the 4, the least aftermarket, the 2nd best interior IMO, most luxury, but also the heaviest. In terms of modding, there isn't alot engine wise to gain speed cept for boost, but I don't like the idea of boosting a normally N/A engine (even if it IS from the supra) w/o rebuilding it to personal specifications, which costs $$$$$$$, and could scacrifice alot of reliablity) (Heaviest out of all the cars, but it's RWD, which makes it fun :) )

Choices That didn't make it:

Keep spec v + turbo it :/ and say bye bye to traction, possibly blown engine, made in mexico quality.
Audi A4 Quattro 1.8 T MT (Almost impossible to find in MT, without being extremely expensive)
used TSX MT (aftermarket still hasn't picked up)
Dodge Stealth AWD TT (iffy on the reliability, can't afford maintance)
Z32 300ZX TT (this one might be REAL iffy haha, hard to find in good condition here)
ST185 Toyota Celica Alltrac (heard reliablity is not the greatest on these things...and the amount of mainance required is high too)
Used Mini Cooper S MT (yea right...people don't sell these things used)
Possible Trade for a 2005 Legacy GT? (Boosted, AWD and sexy looking :D)(I think this one is REALLY pushing it out of my price range haha)
R32 GTR/GTS-T (Maintance...reliability to be modified as a daily driver is questionable with my'll probally cost me more than I want to pay to keep it running :(, Finding people to acctually WORK on the car is hard too.)

If you guys have any other suggestions or why something shouldn't be in the "didn't make it list" let me know I'm open to suggestions :)

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