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noise when turning steering wheel

05-31-2004, 06:20 PM
Hi, I have a 1995 grand am se 2.3 quad 4. When turning the steering wheel when the car is stopped or moving very slow( less than 2 or 3 miles per hour there is a loud squeak heard from just behind the drivers side front tire it sounds like it is dry(needs lubrication). Does anyone know what this may be ? Let me know. Thanks P.S. its mostly when the wheel is turned left.

05-31-2004, 07:49 PM
I have nearly the same problem in my 2001 GA GT1 - except mine's a little quieter. From what i could tell, I always thought some pieces in the steering column had just been worn down and didn't glide anymore, but in your case, it could be a steering pump or something, who knows. Hopefully someone who knows what they're talking about will post. Hah, we newbies have it tough.

05-31-2004, 08:53 PM
The problem I'm talking about is not power steering related the noise comes right behind the wheel itself when the wheel is turned. This is a sqeak not a squeal.

06-02-2004, 04:06 PM
my 95 has a little noise, but its not really a squeak is more a "zzzzzzzz" sound whenever i turn it. More annoying then problematic. Dunno what to tell ya.

06-02-2004, 05:06 PM
make sure that your rims are aligned properly on that axil (i.e. some one might have tightend it in circlar roation instead of star rotation and by the time they where tightening the 5th lug it would all ready be of .

06-03-2004, 12:16 PM
i would think the "zzzzzzzzz" sound is the pressure from the powersteering that youre hearing. the squeek could be a number of things. look to see if anything is rubbing back there you say it happens when you turn left. crank all the way right and look to see if there is any shaved metal or anything shinny. another possibility could be bushings. either on tie rods, ball joints, or even the ones at the top and bottom of your springs. just a matter of getting under it a really listening and looking for the sound. would you say it sounds more like metal on metal or dull enough to be dry rubber bushings?

06-03-2004, 04:58 PM
Sounds more like metal to metal. I did look underneath and didn't see any metal shavings or shinny spots. There is some new bushings(rubber) that was put on when I bought the car.

06-03-2004, 05:08 PM
it sound like a tie rod or a ball joint. maybe even a strut bearing. the best way to find the problem is to test by lubrication. see if you can lubricate the tie rod and the ball joint. there should be a little nipple (grease fitting). if that doesn't work, then spray wd-40 on top of the strut. if that doean't work then take a torch and heat the tie rod. see what happens.

06-04-2004, 03:19 PM
I sprayed some WD-40 on all those things and noise is gone for now. Thanks

06-06-2004, 08:33 AM
yes, there is a product that solves this problem. it is very common with j-cars (cavaliers/sunfires) and n-cars (grand-ams,malibue,alero) We use it allt he time at work, you spray the upper mounts i believe and this takes the noise away. the product we use is made by "wurth", but you can prob get a similar product called "cheetah grease" thsi will work just as good.

there is ALSO a bulletin on this as well...not on the grease, but more on the:

Rattle/Creak/Popping Type Noise from Front of Vehicle When Turning (Replace Both Front Stabilizer Shaft Insulator Brackets) #02-03-08-008 - (11/04/2002)

hope this helps :D

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