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VATS ignit. key resistance??

05-25-2004, 10:01 AM
Does anyone know what the "resistance value" or "ohm value" is for our ignition keys (95 Aurora in particular)???? I'm buying some spare VATS keys and need to know the value. Here's the instructions I got from an Ebay seller:

How to determine the Value of your key?

By chance you may know what vats key you now have. Most people do not. There are basically two ways to determine what vats key you have. Remember, there are 15 differrent posobilities. First, your key can be " read " in a vats tester. Most locksmith have these readers, and don稚 change anything to tell you. If you are in my area locally, I値l be happy to read your key for you. But I realize most people are not in my area. But there is a way for you to read the key value yorself. If you have a Volt Meter you can test the OHMS ( The Value ) of the chip yourself. Just set your Volt meter to check OHMS, Take each leed and place it on each side of the " chip " on your key. A number will appear. Take that number on your volt meter and apply it to the OHMS chart below. Keep in mind that it may not be exact. Just pick the closest value to your reading. I do realize that some of you don稚 even know what a Volt Meter is, not to mention having one. So there is a great alternative for you. Just take your key to a Radio Shack, or your local Auto Mechanic. Ask them to do as I described above. The vin number will not help.

Here's the chart:

1覧覧 0.402

2覧覧 0.523

3覧覧 0.681













So which one do we have?

05-25-2004, 11:30 AM
Aren't the key resistances different for each car ?
Your keys for a 95 Aurora may not be the same as someone elses 95 Aurora.
Take it in to a GM dealer - they should be able to check your keys and tell you.

05-25-2004, 03:05 PM
It could be one of any of those. Is your old one bad or broke? All you have to do is take an ohm meter and ohm it out. Unless of course its broke! That's what I did. Then I soldered a resistor right to the Pass Key II module. Don't need one on the key now!

05-27-2004, 03:30 PM
The vehicle may be equipped with any one of the aforementioned resistance values. Each vehicle痴 VATS module is assigned one of the resistance values indicated in the original post. Each key 田hip for that vehicle matches the resistance value of the vehicle痴 VATS. Your assertion is 100% accurate my 95 Aurora resistance spec. may be different than another痴 or it may be the same (there are 15 different resistance values). Of course the key itself is also different and will not properly 鍍rip the tumblers in the lock cylinder. The VATS is designed to keep a thief from simply breaking the lock-cylinder to start the vehicle. If the VATS does not 都ee the correct resistance value it does not allow current to flow from the ignition switch through to the starting circuits. It痴 a very simple system to slow-down a would-be thief.

05-27-2004, 09:08 PM
You know, I did a remote start on my 93 Bonneville some years back with the same system. I seem to recall all of those values being in K ohms, not just ohms, but could be senility setting in too. I am pushing 30 you know...

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