Need a Bay for an engine swap on my 93 Regal -- Aurora, Denver, CO

05-22-2004, 08:13 PM
My Problem is, that I have no where to do an engine swap on my 3.8L 93 Regal Limited. I live in an apartment building, in Aurora, CO (Denver), with an open parking lot. My landlord would have a cow, if I attempted to do this in the parking lot. I NEED a bay to work on this car; A Storage shed, anyplace. I do not mind paying daily rent for such a space. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I am almost forced to have the car hauled away and maybe be lucky to get $100.00 from a junkyard for it. Or I could replace the engine, and make $500 - $1,000 off of it. I am mechanically inclined to do the swap, but I have no where to do it. Being a New Resident in Denver, Colorado -- I know very few people...

What Led Up To This:::

Well after replacing every piece of the coolant system on my 3.8L 93 Regal Limited, I've learned that the weakest part will always blow. This time I believe it was the head gasket. My Girlfriend drove the car to work, and came out to start it to warm it up to come home, because it was Very cold outside. She let it run for a good 15-20 minutes, and she told me it was running Very Rough. The whole chassis was shaking... (My Poor Car) -- She shut it off, and finished her day of work. Came back out, and the car wouldn't start again, so she called me. I got there, hooked up the Jumper Cables, and got maybe 6-8 Cranks, as the engine got slower and slower, to the point that The starter would not even click. I checked the coolant level... Of course it looked empty, staring down into the radiator. Checked the Oil... And it's seemed FULLER than normal, and a tad bit milky... Not Horribly, but it was discolored. Since then, I have not been able to get the engine to crank, the starter to click... My guess is that my 3.8 Engine has siezed... I Found a replacement motor, leak tested, gauranteed, etc.. for $475.00 at a local auto recycler. Which leaves be at the above problem, of swapping the engine --

Thanks in Advance for any Suggestions!!!
-Jason (Denver, Aurora, Colorado)

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