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Does R34 Skyline suspension fit Stageas?

05-20-2004, 08:22 AM
Hi all,

I've got some aftermarket Nismo suspension that was on a friends R34 GTT Skyline.

Does anyone know if this will fit my Stagea RS Four??

05-23-2004, 11:59 AM

The Stagea is an R33 series.

05-23-2004, 11:16 PM
The chassis number states that it is c-34 is this equivalent to r-34 or r-33 series.

Also i have been told that they have the r-34 spec engine. As the power output is rated at 206kw instead of 187kw in the r33. So this makes me believe that it is almost an r-34 chassis and running gear? Although it obviously isn't the exactsame chassis as a sedan.

05-23-2004, 11:28 PM
Iv seen Stageas that look very much like they are R34 based, unless of course it was just a face lift to the R33 based model.

For the cost of a toll call you could try:

East Tamaki Auto-Parts Centre

25 A Lorien Pl East Tamaki Auckland
+64-9-274 1500

Here in NZ.
I know they have imported and wrecked several stageas and all models of skyline.

05-27-2004, 05:01 PM

The Stagea is an R33 series.

The stagea is more similar to a laurel than a skyline, but electrically more similar to R34, in terms of ecu.

Early stageas got a r33 style engine with r34 style computer, late ones got the neo engine

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