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Scan codes P0700 & P1776 - What process to follow?

05-10-2004, 12:00 AM
I am a do it yourselfer except for air conditioning and transmissions. I fear my problem is with the transmission.

My wife was driving and noticed after slowing down to a stop the transmission gave a jerk after that it would not shift into higher gears. The next day I drove it down to Autozone to get the codes scanned. The connected to the connector under the steering wheel. It appeared to shift between 2 gears but I never when over 40MPH. The codes from the scanner where P0700 & P1776.

I know from other posts that P0700 doesn't tell you much other than there are more codes in the transmission to be read.

Is P1776 the other code P0700 is referring to or is there more codes in the transmission? After some digging on the Internet, some other Dodge product gave the description for P1776 as Gearbox Ignition Retard Request Timeout Fault. A Dodge Neon page identified it as Solenoid switch valve latched in the L/R position.

What procedure should I follow to get this fixed?
1.) Should I take it somewhere to have the CVI numbers checked? I have learned from various posts that these numbers start at 70 and run to 100. The lower the number the better. Correct?

2.) If the CVI numbers are good, should the oil & filter be replaced next, magnetic shavings are normal however a lot of aluminum shavings are very bad showing signs of moving parts contacting the housing. Correct?

3.) If shavings in pan are acceptable, should the solenoid pack that is on the front of the transmission be replaced. If so, is this doable without removing major parts. i.e. just removing air cleaner housing and hoses sufficient in accessing and replacing this solenoid pack? May have to remove speed sensor to access a bolt, read it in one post?

Have read in some posts to pull of and replace wire harness on solenoid pack to assure good terminal connection. This harness is held in place with a bolt in the center?

Thanks in advance for any comments of wisdom, as I am gritting my teeth since it's a transmission problem on probably the worst car to have one.

05-10-2004, 08:16 AM
If you haven't already done so, check this:

05-10-2004, 10:16 AM
I have been there and could not find P1776 code. I am trying to nail down the process and not throw $$$$ at the problem as others suggested not to do. Plus I don't have the $$$$ to throw.

I had the codes scanned. P1776 from what I found out has to do with the L/R solenoid, guessing low and reverse gear. Is this L/R solenoid in the pack on the front of the transmission? But taking a step back, what process should be followed? Something like...
Transmission shifting funny or not shifting - follow these steps...
1.) Get OBDII codes scanned.
2.) If codes pinpoint input/output turbine sensor failure, replace sensor as needed. If suspect internal transmission problem, get CVI numbers to find out if internals are shot.
3.) If internals are shot - rebuild is necessary
If internals are at reasonables levels to engage bands - proceed to oil change.
4.) Change oil and filter - if magnetic material found in pan - is normal wear
-if a lot of material is non-magnetic - internals are moving around from normal positions - investigate internal parts for failure - partial/full rebuild
5.) If transmission still not right, examine codes that may point out solenoid pack or transmission controller and replace as necessary.

05-11-2004, 12:24 PM
Look at the othe post about the trans and p1776 from Bill brammier.
I don't want to type it all again here!
I think that'll really help you!


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