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05-05-2004, 03:22 PM
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The launch of the new 2005 Long Wheelbase Jaguar XJ sedans marks not just the return of the seminal luxury British car but also an opportunity for Jaguar's Advanced Design Studio to use the most spacious vehicle the company has ever built as the base for an intriguing design program - the Jaguar Concept Eight. This sumptuous luxury sedan blends the best in contemporary British creativity with the ultimate in automotive engineering to offer a compelling glimpse of future Jaguars.

The Concept Eight has been designed to reflect the unique position that Jaguar holds in the luxury car market. Developed from the new 2005 Long Wheelbase XJ sedan, it has been extensively reworked beneath its broad, single-piece, glass roof to produce a luxury concept car that is understated and tasteful, yet powerful, exciting and undeniably glamorous. Making the most of Jaguar's new XJ Long Wheelbase structure - with the longest wheelbase in its class - the Concept Eight introduces new luxury elements, new in-car entertainment technology, and new interior and exterior styling cues.

British design is acknowledged to be world-leading in areas as diverse as fashion and architecture, interiors and furniture making. The Jaguar Concept Eight reflects Britain's standing in world design by using the most contemporary materials and trim to create an environment that is unlike any other luxury sedan. You won't find lap-top computers, satellite uplinks and plasma screens inside the Concept Eight, but what you will enter is a world of inch-deep handmade carpets, chilled champagne, Waterford crystal and even essential oils to allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The Jaguar Concept Eight's exterior appearance has also been given considerable thought - and nowhere is that more apparent than its roof. The lightweight aluminum skin that stretches across the car's upper surface has been replaced with a single, full-length piece of darkened glass to provide an even greater feeling of spaciousness within. Around the edges of the glass panel a strip of LED lighting provides an ambient red glow that equates with the mood lighting that you might find in a modern apartment, lounge bar or night club.

Other exterior developments on the Concept Eight include brand new 21-inch five-spoke alloy wheels created especially for the project. Behind the front wheels sit new chrome gills which improve aerodynamic flow to the rear of the car and also act as efficient heat extractors to ensure ultimate engine performance. New chrome tailpipe finishers give the Concept Eight a purposeful appearance from the rear, while a one-off metallic paint color, Purple Haze - a blend of lush cherry and deep black - will show hints of both colors under changing light conditions.

Seen from any angle the Concept Eight's interior is as tasteful and welcoming as it is possible to be. Under the creative vision of Principal Designer Mark Phillips and Colour and Materials Designer Siobhán Hughes, the cabin of this long wheelbase concept car has become a place of contemporary luxury and warmth.

Between the rear seats runs a center console that extends all the way to the front of the cabin - an evolution of a similar design first seen in the Jaguar R Coupe concept car. This clean, sweeping section is covered with a well-recognized wood veneer - American walnut. But unlike existing Jaguar interiors, the Concept Eight's walnut trim has a matt finish. Warm and smooth to the touch, it is a 21st century spin that Ian Callum says indicates how future Jaguars could both look and feel.

Despite its extra length over the standard wheelbase XJ, the Concept Eight weighs hardly any more than the shorter Jaguar sedan and also benefits from re-engineered and lowered suspension to give it added visual and dynamic impact. And don't forget that in standard form the new XJ is nearly 200lbs lighter than its nearest rival and as much as 610lbs lighter than the equivalent model from one German manufacturer.

07-21-2004, 09:34 AM
Beautiful. Loving the interior lighing Jaguar are using on their concepts.

Jaguar D-Type
05-13-2005, 11:38 PM
That link doesn't work.

Try this

I don't like the side vents or the 21 inch wheels (20s are big enough).

I do like the aluminum construction, though.

05-14-2005, 12:18 PM
Isn't this what turned out to be the Super V8?

05-14-2005, 05:22 PM
in a way yeah........

but without any of the fancy basically all thats left is the body and engine

Jaguar D-Type
05-14-2005, 06:45 PM
Isn't this what turned out to be the Super V8?


It is what the 2006 Jaguar Super V8 Portfolio turned out to be except for the 21 inch wheels and some other stuff.

check the link

2006 Jaguar Super V8 Portfolio (

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