Radial tire pull

04-21-2004, 04:25 PM
My 99 xk8 with unidirectional Mich. Pilot Sports has a drift to the right when going down the highway. I had the dealer do a $189 alignment (along with a "check and inspect" of my wallet) and they claim that the post alignment spec is "spot on" and due to the wide tires, the car will follow the slight crown of the road.

After speaking to an independent shop about the problem, the owner of the shop believes that it is a radial tire pull and by using his "road force" balancing machine he can determine:
a. which tire is causing the problem;
b. possibly fix the problem; or
c. replace the tire because it is directional and can only be switched front to back and not side to side.

Any thoughts or opionions would be greatly appreciated and if you have had experience with "road force" balancing what is your opinon of the technology.


08-15-2006, 05:46 PM
Hello I am A front end and alignment specialist. Your PS' or pilot sport tires are directional, but you can still cross rotate the to the left and right side(If you have a good tire shop they will dissmount and remount the tire on the wheel). This is the way our guys deal with that. More than likely the prob. is going to be a radial pull. First check air pressure. Road force tech. is the very best. It actually simulates the driving conditions.

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