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Storm Looses power after warming up

04-14-2004, 10:57 AM
Background Info::

92 Geo Storm, 1.6 SOHC.

recently replaced:

#3 Fuel Injector
Air Sensor
Manifold (exhaust)
Timing Belt
Entire Exhaust System from Manifold Back.

Im having a problem now, where when the vehicle is run for a short period, jsut after starting, it runs adequatly. After warming up, the vehicle looses its power to get up and go from a dead stop. You can mash on the gas all you want, but it has little power. Once you get up to speed, it seems to be able to maintain it. Its only when starting off the line that there is a GREAT loss in power.

anyone have any thoughts.

04-20-2004, 06:43 PM
check to see if you have any restrictions in the exhust system, or see if the injectors all flow the same. maybe you didn't time it quite right, so when the rpm's are ups there you don't notice it as much... and another thing... is it the manual tranny?? or the automatic?? cause if it is the automatic tranny you probibly ramed the pedal to the metal a few too many times, and you probibly need to have your tranny service. if it's the manual, the same thing, hot roding it around, does some wear to teh stock clutch, and you'll probibly need to replace it, but if you do alot of hot roding around, then probibly should look into a higher performance clutch to be able to handle you raming it to the floor all the time. check your compresstion, check the distributor, you might need new spark plug wires, and or spark plugs, also check teh cap and rotor to see if there's alot of carbon build up, possible caus of low power.

and why'd you just change one injector?? you should change them all, and do a flow test, and buy ones that all flow exactly the same, or really close to the same.

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