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2000 lesabre electrical problem

04-12-2004, 10:55 AM
I have a problem with my door locks, power windows, mirrors, and memory seats. When I use my remote to unlock the doors the lights turn on, like they are suppose to, but the doors do not unlock. From my door I cannot lower my windows, turn on the heated seats, adjust the mirrors, or move the seats from driver 1 to driver 2( I can however adjust the seats using the controls on the seats themselves). The lights on all these switches also does not work. When I put the key into the ignition the info center says "unknown driver" I have checked all the fuses.
Any Ideas?

04-17-2004, 09:04 AM
Many times when an accessory controlled from a door quits working, it's due to a broken wire in the door jam. Since the door is constantly being opened and shut, the wires are constantly being flexed.

Since this is affecting some many different functions, I'd probably try to look towards a ground wire being broken or a bad ground connection. JMO, and I'm no expert...


04-27-2004, 11:11 PM
Problem with door locks, power windows, mirrors, and memory seats....the lights turn on like they are suppose to but the doors do not unlock. I cannot lower my windows, turn on the heated seats, adjust the mirrors...., or move the seat...

Here are 3 ideas.
You may be missing the main +12V or Ground connection that feeds all these circuits. Locate a schematic at the dealer and find what these circuits all have in common.

You could use a 12V test light and probe the wires that feed the indicator lights for these devices (while the lights are supposed to be on). Correctly used, the test light will tell you if you are missing the 12V or ground signal and that narrows down the problem.

You mentioned the fuses were good, but did you check if there was 12V power available on each of the fuses? You can have a good fuse with no power going to it. There could be a fuseable link that must be intact before power gets to these fuses. Most spade type fuses have a small extension of the metal fuse element that sticks out slightly. You can touch the 12V test light there to check that voltage is present on both sides of the fuse without even removing the fuse.
Make sure you are in the correct mode too. For example, if you are testing for 12V at the power windows fuse, the ignition key probably has to be on to energize the circuit.

If you see 12 Volts available at the fuses then it may not be getting where it needs to go from there. Check for 12V further down the line such as at the door lock relay.

Another possibility is the circuit could be missing the ground connection. 12V and ground are BOTH required for these circuits to work. Some circuits actuate by switching +12 Volts on/off. Others have 12Volts present all the time and they control the output by switching the ground connection on/off.

It appears the door locks have their own fuse and source of power seperate from the power seats and windows.
That suggests what these accessories all have in common is the BCM (body control module) or the control wires that connect to it. A faulty BCM could cause a number of problems like this. You could reseat the connections to it or swap it out for another unit. That may require reprogramming to get it to work, I don't know off-hand. In 1998, the BCM was located below the left side of the instrument panel, left of the steering column.

Long answer but there are many possibilities until you perform some tests. Good Luck.

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