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Title not notarized. What do i do!?

04-10-2004, 05:10 AM
Hi, I didnt know where else to put this. Anyway. I had been looking for a car for quite sometime then i found one online that this foreign guy was selling. I drove up with my friend to his work and he signed the title over to me, but me, never had bought a car from a private owner, didnt know the process. Anyway, i bought it real cheap for $750 because he was leaving that night to go to his home country. I soon realized that i needed it notarized. I tried getting ahold of him but he had already left. Now i dont know what to do in order to get the car in my name. I called the BMV and they gave me a number to call and that place gave me a number and the next place gave me a number. The last place said i would have to write a letter to a judge explaining why the title should be in my name and also pay a fee of $175 before i even appear in front of the judge. Is there any other way that is less costly and easier? Is it possible to sell the car without the title as well? Thanks for listening, well reading. Just let me know if there is any other options. By the way, the car was a '91 Grand Am that i fixed up and am trying to sell for $1200.

04-11-2004, 10:11 AM
First, are you sure you really need the title notarized? I've bought/sold cars in several states and none had that requirement.

Does the title state that the owners signature must be notarized? In all cases??

Second, Did the person that signed the title in the transfer of ownership area have the same name as the person owning the vehicle? Does any other person/entity have ownership of this vehicle shown as an additional name or leinholder on the title?

04-11-2004, 06:37 PM
All i know is that i called up the BMV telling them my story and told them how the guy signed it over to me. And yes, his name is on the title, the same one he used to sign it over to me with. I am not sure if it HAS to be notarized, i didnt try going to the BMV or anything, i just called them, since me not having a car makes it hard to get around. I dont really know what you mean be lienholder or whatever. There is nothing filled out in the front dealing with that. I live in Ohio, and even on the title it says State of Ohiio at the top. That is one of the things that they asked me. So i am so clueless on what to do. What is a lien by the way? And it is it possible to sell the car without the title? I have the title in my hands and it says nothing useful at all. All i know is that when i called the final place they told me i'd have to write a letter explaining my case and pay a fee of $175, and THEN appear in front of a judge. What i was told is that it is like sueing the BMV, and i have to prove something, but i have no idea what. All i want is a way to get this title in my name. But so far i have found no one to help me. Thanks for helping though, you're the only one. If you know anything else, please let me know as sson as possible. I really need this car to get from my two jobs and school. Thanks again.

04-12-2004, 06:59 AM
OK.... If you have the Ohio Title and it has the proper VIN and description of the car AND it has no other names on it that might be owners or hold some interest in the car, and it's signed by the owner, just take it down to the BMV and register it. You will need to pay the sales tax, transfer fees, license fee and probably prove you have insurance.

Lienholder- a person or business that has registered their name on the title of the vehicle that owns some interest in the vehicle. This typically is the loan company. If this appears on a title, it is a loan that must be repaid to that person and the only way to register the car will be for the lienholder to sign the title saying the loan was paid and they no longer hold an interest in the car.

Good luck, I think everything will work out...

04-12-2004, 08:06 AM
So all i have to do is bring it to the BMV, I will call them later, but i have bought cars before from dealers and i ahve never really looked at the title. But arent they going to say something about it not being notarized? I am sure they want some proof that the guy signed it over and that i didnt forge it or something. But the guy left the country and i dont think he is coming back. I just want to get this title in my name so that i can drive the car for a couple months and sell it. But is it possible to sell the car without a title? And what if they reject the title, do you know where i would have to go other than court? Right now i am just driving the car up and down my street to work and stuff, havent got caught yet. Well, thanks for all your help again. I will give what you said a try and see what happens. Hopefully they will just notarize it when i go up there and then transfer it into my name. I am selling my other car today, my '89 Beretta GTU, and am bringing up my title to get it notarized, so i could also ask then as well. Well Thanks again. You were a big help. (And i dont mean that sarcastically, Lol)

04-13-2004, 07:18 AM
You keep saying "notarized" but I'm still not sure this is exactly what they want. As with most laws, this transaction can take place and as long as there is no dispute between the parties named on the title everything should go smoothly. Since the only other party named on the title is out of the country, there should be no dispute so everything should go OK. Just don't go down to the BMV and give them more information than they need to know- this will just confuse the situation. The facts are the guy sold the car to you, signed over the title and you want to register it in your name.

Good Luck!

04-14-2004, 10:41 PM
Well today i went to the bank and got the title notarized for my other car that is in my name, the Beretta. And they took my in the office and since i had already signed the title, she told me to sign a piece of paper so that she could legally say she saw me sign it over. Then she filled out the notary's part then stamped it and stamped it with a seal. So i am pretty sure that the other guy has to get HIS title notarized. I guess so they dont think i am stealing it. The only other option i know is to go to court and pay the huge court fee and everything. but i dont wanna do that. I want the title in my name though. Or is there a way to sell it without the title? Thanks for your help again.

04-21-2004, 02:32 PM
Where did you get this idea that it has to be "notorized"?

I just bought a car from a dude i did not know, we sat down in the front seat, i handed him a fat wad of cash, he signed his name, filled in the mileage and sale price, (or at least what we told the taxman the sale price was) and dated it; then i signed and dated that shit and took it to Motor Vehicles. I handed it to a woman behind a desk waited about an hour and then they called my name and handed me a new title with my name on it and a new set of license plates.

there was no "notarization" process

04-21-2004, 03:37 PM
basically. Same thing here when I copped my car a couple months ago. Screw the "notarized" business. U just need his signature and stuff like 'bryanbrutherford' said.

04-22-2004, 12:05 AM
Well i mean i dont know if it is a law in the state of Ohio but i still havent tried going up there i just call a different BMV that i usually go to and ask them information and that is what they tell me. But i guess i'll try going up. My friend said he has a brother that is a notary and has the stamps and seal for the notary of the title. But i dont know. I just need this title in my name now because i am buying a '95 RX-7 from a friend and need to sell this car. Well thanks for your help guys, and if you have any more information i'd love to hear it.

04-22-2004, 08:50 AM
Your Whole Scene Is Very Shady

02-16-2010, 12:33 PM
In some states It is REQUIRED to have the title notarized to transfer the sale of property. The notarization is to state that signatures were not forged and that the persons signing have a right to do so. Some states will allow you to fill out a form called "statement of fact" and it will be checked by a local law enforcement to make sure the vehicle is what is stated and is not stolen.

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