Who wants 1st class inox doorsteps for his Xsara?

04-09-2004, 05:16 AM
Hello guys and girls,

since yesterday I am the proud owner of a 2000 Xsara 1.8i 16v VTS :smile: as addition to my 1993 Xantia 1.8i SX. But this is not the main reason for my posting, keep on reading! :wink:

Now, since a while I participate in a Dutch forum, called http://http://xantiaclub.net/ where another member recently started (as a hobby) with the production of very well made sets of inox (rust free steel) doorsteps for Xantia's with the name Xantia laserbeamed+brushed in them and this for a very reasonable price (about 27 EUR for a 4-piece set):


Click here for bigger photos:

To be able to get this price so low (bear in mind that the official price for a 4-piece is normally not less than 100 EUR) he needs to make a serie of about 25 sets. So I am looking for other enthousiasts who are interested in buying a set with Xsara logo. It doesn't matter if you have a 3-doors or 5-doors version, I would like to ask all enthousiast to leave a message if they are interested.

The price above is only the production price, so you should add some packaging and sending costs also (e.g. about 3 EUR for Holland and 5 EUR for Belgium). When we will have a group of about 25 enthousiasts, he can start computerizing the logo and producing the serie.

I have a set in my Xantia and if you should be living in Belgium not too far away from the axle Brussels-Antwerp, you can come to take a look. In Holland there are also several Xantia-owners who have a set. Take a look on http://http://xantiaclub.net/ for contacts.

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