NATS - again...

04-03-2004, 08:39 AM
Went to start my Primera 2.0 SRI 1998 model.....all dashlights worked fine, but locks whirred off/on and starter motor didn't kick in. In Start position of key, it looked like all electricity shut off....clock and dashlights gone. "Check" light for NATS is on when key is is ON position.

Could this be just the end of the batteries in remote control ? I can still lock/unlock doors with it without any problems. there soemthing really wrong with my NATS ?

If it is just the batteries, can I change them myself...and how do I reprogram the remote, if that's necessary ?

The car was perfectly fine the last time I parked it, and I have never had any probs with the NATS system.

P11 SRi
04-03-2004, 04:09 PM
Had a similar problem with mine. I'd lock the doors and when I went back to the car everything, and I mean everything , was dead. Turned out it was the positive lead on to the battery. Inside the big red plastic assembly that goes on to the positive lug there is a huge spade terminal. Mine was all corroded and dirty. I gave it a rub down with some sandpaper and greased it up and the car's been fine ever since. My first thought was that there was a fault with my NATS when I started getting intermittent power failures but it turned out just to be a dirty connection. It's worth a try.

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