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RB20DET into s13

04-01-2004, 05:36 PM
so im planning on putting a RB20DET into my s13 silva (i have a R32 gtst fromt cut), but i figured that first i should do sum research and find out just how hard it is, so if any one has done this before any advise or tips would be good :)

The info that i have managed to get so far is that i need a R32 cross member and engin mounts (they will bolt straight up into my s13?) and that i will need to get my s13 drive shaft shortened for it to mate up with the R32 box? then there is things like exaust and intercooler piping ect

is this info correct and is there any thing else that i will need to modify/get?

and info would be much appreaciated


04-12-2004, 07:09 AM
here's the basics of it but you'll need to have a fairly decent knowledge of mechanics to do all of it. pretty much everything you need is contained in the halfcut. you need to use the rb20 engine (duh), gearbox, speed sensor, tailshaft, crossmember, engine loom, engine bay loom, and ecu.

the things that we couldn't do ourselves was the loom and speed sensor. the engine bay loom needs to be mated with your loom in certain places like at the headlight loom. the ca speed sensor needs to be machined to fit into the rb gearbox, but i've heard that the sr20det (not sure about de) speed sensor will fit.

the engine is an alright fit in the bay, requires a bit of a fiddle to get down into position. you have to take of the stock engine fan as it obviously won't fit. use the rb radiator, its a bit thicker. you use the rb20 crossmember and engine mounts, but the s13 steering rack.

if your s13 doesn't have hicas then you need to take the back off your power steering pump and remove the little metal squares then put the back on. the fitting that comes off it also needs to be cut and plugged up (i had a radiator shop weld a piece of brass on the end). we used the s13 powersteering lines that go along the front of the crossmember, but i've heard the r32 might fit better.

use the r32 aircon hoses. s13 clutch and brake cylinders (but if it'd done mine again i would have replaced mine with the r32 brake master and slave, they are better). r32 dump and front pipes (sit a little low though), s13 catback. you can combine your s13 and r32 intercooler pipes to run to the stock cooler, but i upgraded to fmic. use the r32 tacho needle behind the cluster.

my engine sat too high for the bonnet to close so i spaced the bonnet at the back. the 180 and silvia bonnets sit differently so people have more luck with height in silvias.

i can't remember what else there is but that's the major things. please note that this is when upgrading from a ca18det or sr20det, i'm not sure if anything changes with the ka.

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