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Land Cruiser KDJ120 RAIDS!! Lot of pics from Spain

03-24-2004, 04:18 PM

Hello people.

(excuse my English badly, I I use a translator on-line)

In AF I only visit the forum of scale models, but looking for information of a Skyline I was happened to show the KDJ120 with which this year will compete my brother (he is the co-driver).

The car is prepared in Madrid (ARC Racing) although the principal sponsors of the team and the driver of the car are of the Canary Islands.

The category in witch going to compete it's T1. This category don't allow many modifications (only security, wheels and little more), and nothing modifications of engine (in addition, a bridle is added that makes the tube of admission smaller. We will put this one polished aluminum bridle inner to mirror in funnel form, so that the air flows better).

In the chassis we have mounted two shock absorbers (see the last pics) by each wheel. There are a Bilstein body with dry nitrogen gas cylinder separated, to a pressure of 32 bars. The wharves are Eibach.

The original wheels are of 17", but any tire for raids doesn't make in that so great measurement.
With changing the rim to a 16" it would be sufficient, but.... the brake clamps doesn't fit in a rim 16"! he is too big!
The only solution has been to install the equipment of brakes of a LandCruiser 90 and to mount 16"rim to him (it doesn't appear in any pic since not yet they had arrived)

We have mounted separators in the axes that increase the wide one of routes in 30mm.

The exhaust pipe is now of stainless steel and 110mm, without no type of quiet. It leaves straight by the lateral one.

The axes and the stringers of the chassis have been reinforced, like different points from the body. The gear box, transfer, engine, differentials and other pieces of the low ones have been protected by means of plates of duraluminio of 1'5 cm of thickness.

In the interior a rollbar of 6 points has been placed done by ARC (fulfilling norm FIA), two baquets Sparco with Sparco belts of 4 points, electric system extinction Sparco, battery disconnect, Sparco steering wheel, Sparco intercom, terratrip...
In the back part a structure has been placed to hold the 4 spare wheels, the elevator and other tools.

The selected version is the one of 5 doors and model Heavy Duty (only commercialized in hard lands, like Australia and Africa). The outer modifications are limited the painted one of bumpers, the substitution of the back windows by of aluminum and nothing else.

The decoration is done in sticky vinyl. Sponsors is: Toyota Canarias (it has given the car free and it contributes economic), Lamicolor (decoration), Bilstein, Eibach, Tecnoshock (suspension), Buho 24 Horas and Piscolabis Navarro (stores and pubs of the Canary Islands), newspaper La Provincia (daily canary that will follow test on approval to us), Comercial Naranjo and another series of sponsors of well-known.

The team will participate in the championship of Spain of Raids and in some tests of the European of Raids. If the objectives are fulfilled next year we will be way of the Pink Lake (Dakar 2005).

- April, 17-18: Lérida (Spain)
- May, 8-9: Baja Portugal (European championship)
- May, 29-30: Albacete.
- June, 12-13: Linares.
- July, 24-25: Baja España-Aragón (800km non stop, european and spanish championship).
- September, 11-12: Galicia
- September, 25-26: Cuenca.
- October, 23-24: Baja Portalegre (european too)

I put the pics, they are placed in order, from oldest to most recent. In the last photos the definitive adjustments were occurring him, is not even prepared to go to track but only it needs details.

The most reciently pics:

The team car and my father's car:

A video with the sound of the exhaust pipe, to a 2000-2200 RPM... (

Enjoy post as much as I! A strong hug from Spain!

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